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  1. Kimberly, you will never please all of your residents. Complaining is common. My residents tell me how great everything is and how good i am to them then, when state shows up for survey, they stab me in the back. You can never do enough for them. But, take heart, there are some that are thankful for you and appreciate you and all that you do....it is a "good for the soul" job. Like everything in life it has it's up's and down's.
  2. well, this was not a complaint made by the resident or her grandson (by the way the grandson, does not speak hungarian at all) The resident when she does speak, speaks in english. but, hungarian or english she speaks very little of either. I have learned a few basic words in hungarian, she doesn't really answer in either language. This was a surveyor who wanted to return a favor for a flat tire. I am happy about the new emphasis on individualized activities as well. My mother was in my facility last year for 6 months and I believe all residents should have the same attention, not just bingo a
  3. We had our survey last week. It was harder than in the past. I know they are coming up with a "new" type of survey for next year with more regulations. anyway, I got tagged for "individualized activities", which I do as best I can, considering I am the only AD in the 100 bed LTC facility. My tag came about because of one resident in particular, she is originally from Hungry, but speaks English and understands English, which I noted in my charting. I do 1:1 with her 2x wkly. One of our surveyors had a flat tire on the interstate at the end of day1 of survey, my Hungarian residents grandson
  4. At my facility, we do not limit guests. I announced it in our November newsletter and called RP's on the phone. Dietary is taking care of Turkey, Ham, Gravy and Stuffing, family members are asked to bring a dish, dessert, drinks or rolls. The dinner is this friday. It's my first and I'm more than a little nervous. A local lady has donated live, fall decorated plants as centerpieces, we're having each family member write their name on a piece of paper, put it in a glass bowl and after dinner we will draw names for the centerpieces.
  5. At my facility - I have asked Staff, Residents and Family members to turn in their "family recipes".....We are putting together a cookbook and will have it printed and sell them to raise funds for activities. So far we have about 50 recipes.
  6. My residents have told me about a luau that they had with the previous AD. They had hawaiian leis.....a blow up pool with water in it to stick their feet in, hawaiin music playing on the stereo, drinks with little umbrellas in them, decorations, and food of course! Just let your imagination run wild. Also, Oriental Trading has some great Luau decorations in their catalog.
  7. Thanks for all of your suggestions, it's truly appreciated! I am in Louisiana. The certification classes are only offered twice a year ( I don't know if it's like that everywhere or just here) anyway, State surveyors were made aware that I will be Certified in Aug. but, I still got the tag. You can bet, they will not "get" me next year!!! I have started my calendar for July and it will be "full" on weekends if it kills me. I don't care if I have to beg, borrow and plead!! I most definately think the residents should have more than just church on weekends. And I do wish they would allow me a
  8. Well, state just left my facility - it was my first state survey. I've been at my job four months. They came in on Monday and exited on Wednesday. Activities got two tags. One, because I'm not certified yet (I'm registered for classes in Aug.) and Two, because resident council said the only activities on weekends are church activities. What am I suppose to do. I have no assistant - it's only me! I can't be there 24/7. And the activities that are scheduled for weekends were already scheduled when I started the job. I have to come up with a plan of corrections really soon.........I've b
  9. I use Printmaster gold. It's great for newsletters, calendars, posters, banners........it does it all!!!! and very easy to use.
  10. Hi, I'm fairly new to the field myself, I've been at my facility for almost three months. Like you, I love the job and like you, I took the residents complaints to heart and very personally at first, but my skin has gotten alot thicker in three months time. My residents swear that "I" control who wins at Bingo..
  11. Ok, well here's the latest of this fiasco.........I have made Admin. and Social Service aware that it is continuing. Several Dept. Heads have talked to the resident, myself included. She (the resident) is now, very nice to me when I'm face to face with her but, the rumors continue to fly...........I'm just trying to ignore it and continue our friendship and do my job........oddly enough, as much as she loves to talk about me - and claims to dislike me, she still shows up for my bingo games three times a week - go figure!!!
  12. Pennie, we have tried all the tactics you suggested - he's gone as far as to tell the res. that he won't talk to her anymore.......it's only getting worse, now the cna's and housekeepers are only helping her delusions along. Yes, he and I are seen talking to each other quite often and if anyone is looking for him, they now come to me because the word around the facility is " if you want to find him, then find her and he won't be far behind" so, other than the Heads of Staff ( which include myself and him) pretty much everyone now believes that our getting along so well and enjoying each other
  13. Has anyone here had a problem with "resident" gossip???? Ok, here's the problem - there are 10 dept. heads at my facility. The Maintenance supervisor and I have become really good friends, our offices are in the same building. Apparently, one of our residents has quite a crush on him, from what I hear around the facility - A HUGE CRUSH!!!!and she has begun spreading the word that - the Activity Director (me) and the Maintenance Supervisor are "fooling around"..... (we aren't - I'm married) The other day in the middle of the bingo game, this resident starts saying how it would be a shame if
  14. I had gotten this book for Christmas and it's really helped me(being new) to get to know the residents and they enjoy it very much. The book is called "The Fabulous book of questions" there is a section that is sex questions, but I steer clear of that and just ask the innocent ones. It's amazing the memories and conversations that these questions can start up. Even the staff enjoys asking the questions to each other.
  15. mbkemp

    Limited Hours

    HI, I just started two weeks ago as AD at my facility. I'm not having these same problems that you describe. Yes, I do put in an extra half hour here and there of my own time but, I get paid for 40 hr. weeks. I will be going to be certified in the summer and the facility is paying for my classes, hotel, gas, and meals. The pay is more than generous as far as I'm concerned. And in between activities I have more than enough down time to get paper work and activity preparations done, I even run errands for the Residents during their nap time. I am absolutely loving this job. I feel like I'
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