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  1. It is important to set up a regular schedule for reviewing infection control, and to make sure that all policies and procedures are in place. This may include services that are conducted in a resident's room, payment, and infection control. If linen department delivers towels make sure that you know the schedule, and I would find out if it is a cost out of your budget. Communicate with housekeeping to make sure they have a good understanding of the cleaning process for the beauty shop. Make sure you have the license posted, and that you have a contract with the hair dressers that are up to date and reviewed periodically. If you are new to understanding the process, you may want to conduct a quality improvement study to make sure that all aspects of the beauty shop are running smoothly. Find out how the hair dressers communicate with the units to let them know who has an appointment, find out what barriers exist, and find out what quality the equipment is in, in case you need to make adjustments in your budget. Shelley
  2. NCCAP has a survey on their web page, that may give you some additional information
  3. If you haven't already done so, document in a file that you would keep for yourself, all verbal conversations that you had with the employee and the outcomes of the conversations. Also keep notations of all the conversations you have had with your administrator and the outcomes. This is going to sap your energy really fast, and you don't want to risk losing the details. If you do choose to the end the working relationship with this person, you need to make sure that you have followed all policy and procedures, or she will win any case she could bring against you. Refer to HR for the days and times that she was hired for specifically. This employee is still on probation however, and if you document thoroughly, you can end the relationship through that probationary opportunity. You are not getting the support you need in this situation with management continuing to cow to her demands. She has learned that she can manipulate and this employee will use that against you every chance she gets. The bottom line is she is choosing to not work for what she was hired for. It is hard enough to have administration agree that TR needs the staffing. Don't lose any hours you may have gained by letting this employee not have to work holidays or weekends. She has to work the holiday. period. Then if she does not show up, you have more grounds to end the relationship.
  4. soduspoint


    I will be there. I have never attended an activity conference before, so I am looking forward to getting new ideas.
  5. There is a full time position open in an aggressive therapeutic recreation program in Newark, New York. The hours are 8-4:30 Tuesday -Saturday with Thursday hours 11-7:30. Responsibilities include completion of MDS, care plans, RAPS, TR assessment, progress notes and resident participation in activities. The planning and implementation of TR programs are for a living center with a diverse population, mostly geriatrics. This high performing team is highly recognized in the system for resident satisfaction. Those interested can log onto viahealth.org and apply. Bachelor's degree required with experience in long term care therapeutic recreation. Valid NYS driver's license also a requirement.
  6. We actually cut back on activities that bring individuals together from different units. We let people rest and get better. We currently have one wing closed due to flu and one closed because of a GI bug. The residents on the unit with the flu still have their programming offered for those who are able, but it is on a lower key than usual. Those on the floor with the GI bug have received decreased programming. Why put individuals in a room together, who may be harboring the bug, and let them expose them to others in a smaller environment. The higher functioning residents who are able to leave the floor and who are healthy, do. Each unit already has a box of activities that include appropriate movies and music that can be put on for those they feel may be bored. Infection control is very important. If our resident's are ill, we give them time to rest and get healthy.
  7. I would like more information. I complete calendars for a neuro behavioral unit, and adult day health care, a dementia unit, and long term care. My newsletter uses the format from activity connection and I plug in my own data. You can send e-mail to jevans02@rochester.rr.com
  8. Our department runs programs every day of the week and two evenings a week. We work either Sunday - Thursday, or Tuesday - Saturday. Our facility scores in the to 90th percentile for resident satisfaction largely due to our consistent offerings of TR programs
  9. I just finished the class in September. We can take this thread of conversation off line. jevans02@rochester.rr.com
  10. I use M&N international, Musician's Friend, Oriental Trading, NASCO, Gary Grimm and Associates, MMB music, S&S, Economy Handicrafts, Burpee, J&A Handy-crafts, Inc. and Suzuki. Shelley MT-BC
  11. I have read the CMS guidelines for this and taken a look at the tools on the elder4activites web page. Is this a program that an organization just begins, or are you trained in it for a fee ( like the Eden Alternative)
  12. I would also like to see what others are doing, especially with the QI. Please e-mail to shelley.evans@viahealth.org. Thank you very much, I appreciate the opportunity to improve.
  13. I am the Director of Therapeutic Recreation for a long term care facility that is attached to the hospital, I cover the Adult Day Health Care as well. Shelley
  14. The Alzheimer's Care Guide that is put out by Frieberg Press has an article that you can read and fill out a post test for, for CEU's. You could obtain copies of that to submit.
  15. Quality Assurance reports are often requested by the Department of Health. It can be an invaluable tool at evaluating your department. Quality assurance data collecting can be time consuming. I have 6 units to assess. I look at 25% of the charts to review TR assessments, progress notes, RAP's and care plans. I have a tool that I mark off it is done correctly and timely. I review each TR program offered and look to see if it is for our 1:1, low, middle, or high functioning population ( many overlap). I then do the same measurement with each resident. I find the percentage and then make sure I am providing enough programming for each population. I do kitchen audits and infection control audits in the beauty shop. I also require my staff to do peer reviews and that is also QA. Each year I do a survey of the resident's satisfaction with TR programs. I hope this helps. Good Luck. I think that using QA as a tool to demonstrate the importance of TR is a good decision.
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