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  1. Thank you for your kind note. Well, the nightmare is over for me. A recruiter contacted me and a retail company has made me an offer I can't refuse. I am excited to go back to retail. You're treated like dirt but at least you know that going in and I'll be making twice what I make now. Sure, I'll work more and sure, it's going to be hard work but I actually LOVE being a retail manager. I can't say the same about being an activity assistant. I loved the residents - did not like the bull at my facility. I hope I will be permitted to volunteer but I doubt my boss is secure enough to allow me to do this. So I hope I will at least be permitted to visit my residents. It was a nice shot at a career change, but some of us need something different. I thank all of you for your friendship here. I HAVE SOME BOOKS FOR SALE CHEAP - LOL - if you are taking MEPAP, let me know. You can have them at a good price.
  2. I've heard some here complain about their assistants; my problem is the AD! I can't take much more of her laziness and goofing off and doing nothing after the morning meeting but entering information in CareTracker and making a few phone calls. I'm sick of listening to her conversations about her boyfriends as well. Fortunately, I run all day but for the 45 minutes I get to do my notes, I have to listen to her drone on and on. PLUS she's rude to me, demeaning, and I'm actually getting upset at the thought of having to be around her any more. I was crying last night - and I'm too old for tears. ARE ALL ADs LIKE THIS????? Because I'll just call my former employer and get another store if this is the stuff I have to take for the next 2 years until I have enough experience to be an AD. I'd rather work 70 hours per week on salary than what I"m doing now. I am constantly reminded of my lowly status by my boss as well. I'm 'just an assistant". I NEVER ever put my team members down like that when I was a manager - never. Even if they messed up big time, I never made them feel lowly. When I was hired, the stated plan (by the administrator) was that the AD was to work with the lower functioning residents, and I with the higher ones. I work with ALL of them because in three months she has only done this twice. Oh, she does the newsletter and the calendar BUT she makes myriad mistakes in both. It's embarassing, actually. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND ABOUT HOW I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH WORK IT IS TO BE AN AD - it may be a lot of work, but SHE AIN'T DOING IT!!!!! I have been an executive assistant and I could bang out that stuff in no time. I have found volunteers for her but she never acted on them. I do a lot of work from home as well - no thanks, no appreciation - NOTHING. I'm really disheartened because I find the job extremely intellectually stultifying; all I do is call Bingo and play games all day and attempt to draw into the lame activities persons who DO NOT WANT TO PLAY bean bag toss. Our calendar needs to be seriously adjusted but she just puts the same stuff on it save for the few things she's allowed me to put in. There are not enough activities for those residents who are still bright and with it. They may be few, but they need to be considered. I never a chance to do anything remotely challenging. I'm not going to last much longer at this rate, because I've fallen into a deep depression. Perhaps this field is not right for me and I should go back to retail, but if/when I leave, the same thing is going to happen to the next assistant (she has never been able to hold onto one, because she spends NO TIME with her assistants and gives them no instruction/praise/thanks - from what I understand from residents and some staff members. SHE WILL CONTINUE TO BE LIKE THIS whether I stay or leave - I want it to STOP for the sake of the persons who follow me, because I'm definitely not going to stay and take this abuse. Is the ADMIN really this OBTUSE ??? She HAS to notice that the sessions with the lower functioning residents are not happening, right? She has to notice the calendar is always late, right? She has to know that everything my boss is supposed to do is late and or mistake-laden, right? I'm not going to delete this rant because I no longer care. I always get angry at laziness, lack of appreciation, rudeness and general disregard for the feelings of others. That's my boss - and the facility at which I work - in a nutshell. If all facilities are like this, I'd rather be in retail management again. And that's saying something. I am definitely out the door at this place, because the facility zeitgeist IS one of lack of appreciation and its absolutely not a team - more like warring factions. Are all facilities this poorly run?
  3. This Christmas is the one holiday I will not be working in many years, albeit in a different field. Out of the blue, my husband decided he wanted to cook a big Christmas dinner! I would just as soon have worked, but I'm not going to dampen his enthusiasm nor quench his ambition. The AD will be there - but I will not. That said....... I, too, find the comments on this thread quite interesting. Is all we do for the residents all year long negated by our absence on one single day? I have residents nagging me all day for money, soda, food, cigarettes, "run to the pizza parlor for me", etc. One even asked me to give her my coat, since I "really didn't need it, and I make so much money" (uh huh). Failing to rip the coat from my shoulders, she keeps asking me to buy her a coat just like mine. Am I a bad person or horrible activity professional because I can't - and won't - buy this woman a coat or spend my entire day running to the Wawa and spending my own money on cigarettes and snacks for the residents? Likewise, am I horrible because I personally will not be present on Christmas? On the other hand, we have residents who are kind, considerate and caring. These persons, knowing how much I love him and never get to see him, would want me to be with my grandson on Christmas, and some have even stated, "This is just another day to me". (As it is to me- in reality it doesn't matter much to me - nor to some of the residents.) And all of a sudden, I'm no longer a horrible shirker? Sometimes, I have found myself deciding for others what is important for and critical to them. It's a bad habit and it does not honor the very individual I seek to serve and help. Perhaps Christmas isn't as important as we'd like to think - perhaps it is. It depends on the individual's perspective. The quality of care the other 364 days per year is just as critical. I refuse to beat myself up over one day. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  4. I would love to correspond with any who are taking MEPAP 1. I am having a difficult time with it - it's a home study course and I find myself floundering without anyone with whom to share ideas. I would be so grateful...
  5. NCCAP says SOME volunteer work may be applied. Please visit their website for details. http://www.nccap.org/ Wish you all the best -
  6. It's great to let everyone know "who is in charge" - because at the end of the day, it's the person who is in charge whose a$$ is on the line. But please don't eschew ALSO LETTING YOUR TEAM MEMBERS KNOW that they are appreciated and valued if, indeed, they are. If they aren't, there's a problem - with either them or with yourself.
  7. I am sorry for the problems you are experiencing. This post is a bit of a different spin on the problem. It may not be what you want to hear, but I beg you to listen anyway on the off chance there might be some information which is worthwhile. I am not saying any of this applies to you - only what I myself did wrong in the past. As a former manager in retail, sometimes I would get very upset with the "mouth" on some of my people, not to mention the poor quality of effort/work. Upon serious self reflection, I had to admit that the associates often had VERY real complaints and were often 100 percent right while I was in the wrong. It's no excuse for disrespect, but sometimes I was so caught up in the busy day I neglected to notice upset/problems/issues. Also, I had never CLEARLY DELINEATED my expectations to my team. I was more than happy to tell them when I was displeased, and even gushingly appreciative, but I can't say they really understood what elicited my displeasure or my effusive praise. THEY DIDN'T REALLY HAVE A CLUE. Managers are all different - any my expectations were higher than a lot of the friends I had who were managers. I was also more lenient in many ways. But NO ONE KNEW THIS because I never told them. It was a wake up call for me. I turned myself around, make my associates a priority. Spent personal time with each of them. Bottom line was my store became number one in the entire company for customer service - out of 1800 stores - because I worked with each person and led by example - and I had so many persons who wanted to work with me, I could not possibly hire them all. I was blown away, actually. No one would quit, either. They WANTED to be there. Even those who went on to take full time jobs stayed for our big special night of pizza and training, Thursday nights. That's not to say I never lost my temper again - indeed, I did. And definitely not to say I never screwed up with them again. I probably did on a daily basis. But assured that I respected, liked, wanted and valued them, they overlooked the chiding (and they knew when it was deserved because I had finally CLEARLY DELINEATED my expectations and what would happen if they were not met). I'm NOT SAYING you are the problem - just sharing what I found was MY problem. I still had one sorry lying sociopath for an assistant whom my friends who still work for the company are STILL trying to get fired - and whom five managers BEFORE me tried to get fired - because she deserves it. Nothing will help this backstabbing witch and no amount of time spent will change her lying, lazy, stealing ways. She needs to "go away", as we put it. But no one seems to want to fire her. It was not for lack of trying on my part. Maybe your assistant does too. But never let it be said that you did not try to help her. That's my advice, at least. Then DOCUMENT everything. But I am wondering if you will also have a difficulty getting rid of her. Finally, I do not much care for the way MY boss speaks to me at times. What helps me is remembering the times I snapped at my own people. Still, it rankles and I wish for once she just said thank you or well done - ain't gonna happen...... I don't much like HER mouth but I suppose I have to take it.....Rank has its privileges but those privileges should not include being disprespectful. Sign me, NOT AN ASSISTANT FOR LONG PS I often feel like an idiot but it doesn't mean I've been one. I fret about not being perfect and sometimes saying the wrong thing - it doesn't mean I HAVE said the wrong thing. Did you say anything to your assistant when she spoke disrespectfully to you? I mean, right at that very moment? If not, please start rehearing TODAY what you will say the next time it happens. Google "assertiveness training" or something like that for tips. Google "information for new managers". No, you're not a new manager, but I love very basic information myself. Take a look at these: http://www.yourofficecoach.com/Topics/tips...ew_managers.htm http://www.businesstown.com/people/employees.asp (be sure to click on the links in each category) Finally, I wonder if you and I are very similar in personality. If you'd like, we can chat privately.
  8. What you will be doing and how much autonomy/freedom are given will depend on your supervisor. I don't know how the interview went, but since you are a seasoned professional and know what's critical to your own success as well as the success of the department, you need to do as much interviewing as YOU are interviewed, meaning that you need to questions to make sure it's the right fit for YOU and your supervisor isn't power-hungry, insecure, lazy, etc. If you are having a second interview, please - find out as much as you can about exactly what you will be doing and for whom. It might be hard for you, as a former director, to be an assistant to someone who is not as experienced and competent as yourself. This, of course, happens in the workplace all the time, but sometimes the scenario can be too painful or even abusive to tolerate. Good luck! Let us know what happened! Don't forget - the internet is a great source of interview questions - things YOU need to ask as well as the best answers to the questions your interviewer will pose.
  9. Great questions. The best place to start would be, of course, the job description for the assistant as well as your own job description. Of course, many are quite vague and therefore not very useful as a springboard, but one can always hope. I get no supervision at all - not that I need it. It would have been nice, in the beginning, if the director had invested a modicum of time in me, but I am managing without it. I do all the activities and bring the residents to them and take them back. This, of course, means that some do not get to attend, since there is not much time between activities and I can only push so many wheelchairs. My supervisor enters all the assessments I take, and handles anything that must be done on the computer. I'm not even sure of what she does. I have asked to be taught but there is never enough time. I resent this immensely. I suspect this is her way of keeping me from knowing too much about her job. A good supervisor is NEVER afraid that someone will be as good or better than she. She is secure in herself and her abilities and does her own job so well that she is not afraid that her assistant will become better than she. Even if the team is comprised of only a director and an assistant, it IS a team. Teams work together. So I'm the one who does all the dirty work and the grunt work - OK. So be it. But I am not someone on whom to look down and it has caused me much pain and quite a few tears that there is no interest in cultivating me as a valued team member - not by ANYONE with whom I work. This is not the way to keep an assistant. It's my understanding that several persons have walked out on the job,and I'm not surprised. I am not some little kiddie who is clueless and needs her hand held. I would like respect as a professional, albeit new to this particular profession. I am a former store manager who succesfully ran a 3 million dollar pharmacy and built the most customer oriented team in the entire company. Yes, I had my bad days but my team liked working with me because even though I could yell, I was effusive with genuine praise and I invested time in each and every associate. I am proud of what I accomplished and I am beginning to think this career change was a very bad idea. Not only am I making half of what I made before (and I was grossly underpaid), I feel very alone and isolated. I would ASK my assistant what s/he is thinking, what s/he needs, and how her performance measures up. From there, I would work with her on setting specific goals related not only to her performance, but also to any needs or desires she expressed during your conversations with her. Developing an associate is hard work and takes a lot of time and patience. Some will insist on working your last nerve. You may want something done in a certain way, but realize that her way IS acceptable and IS achieving the results you desire. Or is close to achieving them. Close enough, if you know what I mean. Forgive me for the blatant bragging about my store; I have not yet come to terms with my departure and I feel as though I should have gone down with the ship when Rite Aid took over and closed my store. I left to sell wireless phones and then decided to take THIS job because I wanted to help the elderly in some way. And maybe I do - I don't know - but once in a while, I would like someone to acknowledge my presence and invest a kind word in me.
  10. I am too new to the field to know the answer to your question; I'm in PA and I think it's 7 days but I'm not sure. I wish you all the best. Good luck.
  11. It's a great idea and if I can help, please let me know. I've always said I'd make a great editor; I'm always correcting everyone else's grammatical errors - not that you'll make any.
  12. As assistants, we often have issues and challenges unique to our positions. We may have little to say about how things are run, but are often the ones doing all the running. If you are an assistant, I would like to hear from you!
  13. I'm an assistant as well and I'm curious as to the subject of your post and why you've deleted it. I can guess what it might have been about, if your experience as an assistant is anything like mine. Please PM me, as I get the impression that if we vocalize our concerns here, some may not appreciate it.
  14. I'm Rosemarie, and brand new to the field. I was an Eckerd Rx Store Manager (after spending 20 miserable years as an admin/marketing/PR) and I did enjoy my job, but when Rite-Aid bought out all the Eckerds, I knew my store would be closing so I sold wireless phones for a while. Great money - lousy job. I was despondent because, as a sales manager, I was told I was horrible at selling - my boss had no consideration for the socio-economic demographics of my area - these persons to whom I was supposed to sell were filthy rich and had cell phones; all I could do for them was upgrade or add a line for a teenager or something like that. After crying my eyes out one night, I decided to think about what I was actually GOOD at and what I LIKED. I liked my Rx customers - (my team won the Customer Service award EVERY MONTH except one when I was manager and that month we, er, "lost", there was CHEATING going on and the DM gave the trophy to her favorite manager), I LOVED working with my team (see my photo to see half my team; I'm the little one in the black holding the trophy for dear life) and creating games to teach them their jobs and how to excel at customer service; I loved visual merchandising (and was good at it) and I loved helping people. NUMBER ONE in the entire company for customer compliments. That's not shabby. Sorry to sound like I'm bragging, but it was my TEAM who did it, not me. We did it together. Trust me, I wasn't good at a LOT of things and I probably cheated on every stock count I did. Actually, I DID cheat. Working 70 plus hours per week on a very low salary, one cuts corners where one has to. Anyway, the next day, I saw an ad for an Activity Assistant on CareerBuilder. I didn't even know what an Activity Assistant did. I called after reading the job description and let me tell you, it was a HARD SELL. So maybe I am not really that bad at selling, because I talked the HR person into letting me have an interview. I got the job - and I really like it. I'm stressed, but in a different way than when I was running a $3M per year store. Well, that's me - I invite anyone who is new to email me and let's grow and learn together. Rosemarie rosemarie1@comcast.net Goodbye with love to Eckerd Store 6272, Lansdale, PA
  15. Chastity, I am new also - perhaps we can support one another. rosemarie1@comcast.net
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