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  1. I love the coupon idea that was given previously. If you want to get totally away from prizes how about resognition. You can keep track on a poster board the # of wins each participating resident has. The top 3 winners may have their picture put up on the board later and put in some location for recognition. Pat Kiely
  2. Doing a google search is a good idea. You could also have awards based on oldest resident or youngest. Resident at facility the longest or shorest. Also who was born farthest way or closest. Pat Kiely
  3. We just started up the Men's Groups again. The men gave ideas of what they wanted to do during the monthly meetings. One was to have an outside speaker give a travel log. Another was a program about War Dogs. Pat Kiely
  4. I've used Taste Treats Tea Time Coffee Cart Come and Get It Pat Kiely
  5. patkiely

    Earth Day

    Last year we did a recycling project for Earth Day. We asked staff to donate cereal boxes. (We got tons of them) Then we cut the boxes into the shape of magazine holders. We spray painted the boxes either gold or silver. The original writting still showed through but this just added interest to the boxes. The residents then decorated the boxes any way they wanted (with stickers, markers, paint...). It was very popular and the Resident have asked for more projects like this. Pat Kiely
  6. An evening program I started was "Pajama Party". It started off slow but has now become rather popular. Resident come in evening clothes or street clothes. We start witha game (Ad Libs is a big hit) or background information (ex the history of pajama). Snacks are a must and puff corn is a favorite. We end with a movie. Old time comedys work the best like the "Parent Trap" or "With 6 you get Eggrolls". Pat Kiely
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