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4th Of July

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I need help with coming up with activities for low function clients. Some of the clients don't like to use their hands and do crafts. Does anyone have any ideas for arts & crafts and non-crafts for low functioning clients??????????? Please help me!!!!!!! :-(

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I recently took on the task of doing activities 3 time a week with our very low functioning alzheimer's patients. One of the things that I have been doing with them is blowing bubbles! They love it. It gets them moving a little bit, to catch them and pop them. Some of them will want to try blowing them themselves and others will just watch. Another thing I do with them is read Bible stories (from an illustrated book) and then walk around and show them the pictures individually. Also another thing that many people will do with a little encouragement is play either catch or kickball with a beach ball (its good to get them moving even if they can't do detailed things like crafts). I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!!


New At This too,


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HI Everyone!


If you are like me and you have off on the 4th, what do you do?


Each holiday that I know I am not going to be available and I know that volunteers want to be with their families as well, I came up with the idea to have a folder or basket of holiday specific items for families and staff to take from to entertain the residents. It works so well that when I come back from my day off, the basket or folder is usually empty on each unit (and I have four units!!!!!)


Here are some ideas I came up with for the 4th, does anyone have any they want to add?


Read patriotic stories

Color or craft an American Flag (don’t forget, 7 red stripes, 6 white stripes and 52 stars - those who are crafty can use cotton balls, glitter, paint)

Finish a 4th of July word find (I make copies)

Read patriotic poems (I find on WEB and make copies)

Reminisce about past Independence Day celebrations - pictures from families are usually helpful

Play the Red, White and Blue game – name as many items as you can that have the colors in the names, or that are those colors; example : little boy blue, little white lies, Red Lobster, Red rover, Blue Bonnets

Get current magazines with Independence Day pictures of anything in red, white and blue and identify or admire them (families can bring in stuff like this)


Can't wait to see what everyone else has planned

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Guest Erica

Hi. New to this community but saw your message and thought i could help.


i work with alz. patients...they range in functional levels. but most are on the low side. for fourth of july crafts i cut out stars of red,white, blue. then they glued them on a paperplate(around the edges). for some residents i put the glue on and then they glued them on. in the center they or i wrote happy 4th of july it turned out cute. also since they like bubbles...something that might be cute is bubble art. if you mix laundry detergent and water together for the bubble mixture and then put a little bit of red paint and then a seperate container with blue paint on white paper...it could be cute. all you do is have them blow the bubbles or you blow the bubbles and they catch the bubbles with the paper and just like that...its art! fun huh?


let me know if you need anymore ideas. i have a ton!



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My residents use to love to play balloon volleyball either around a table or just in a group. Of course after just so long you lose them in anything so its good to have other things like the above ideas which are all great Suzie

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Low Function Residents are sometime the best to program for....


Try getting creative wityh outdoor activities that you can wheel them around in and talk to them. sensory stimulation is always good. If you are desperate, investigate the Montessori method on the internet, they may have some ready made ideas.

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Guest Guest_kimmyh

For my alz resident's we fold baby clothes. I asked staff members to donate used clean baby clothes for the alz unit. The resident's love this activity and it also helps facilitate reminiscing.

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Guest Tricia

We use reminiscencing boxes. We make them ourselfs. Ex. We are in the process of making "The Beach" box. We will gather things found on or around the beach such as sand, seashells, bathing suit, flip flops,beach towls & saltwater taffy's. Most of this stuff I can get from the dollor store. Once you have gathered up all what you want in the box, you get a group of low functioning residents together to talk about how it was when they went to the beach, and how things may have changed over the years. :hammer:

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