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  1. I would suggest going to anyplace that could supply lots of sensory stimulation. I live in Ohio and during the winter we go out and look at Christmas lights. I also take them to small recitals put on by the local high schools. Other suggestions would be a petting zoo, an antique store, a park, or an eatery. Sometimes I take my residents to a thrift store and let them look around. If they are cognitively able, they are allowed to use their bingo money to buy things. Of course you need to be careful on all trips and learn about the place before you take your residents. I would not get too worked up on a destination though. I am sure that they would be perfectly happy leaving the facility.
  2. With some of the residents at my facility, we have them help fold shirts and pants that will later be given to their owners. The residents seem to enjoy this because it is usually an activity that they remember how to do and it gives them a purpose. Also, I have got a couple wire hangers and I ask some residents to wrap yarn around the wire. Past generations used to do this to keep the wire from rusting. It is a simple activity that can take a long time. Stop and think about the little things that you do in a day. Can this resident provide 1:1 visits? Can she pass out newspapers or other things that you pass out to residents? What about writing thank you letters to those that donate to the facility or help take pictures for the newsletter? Let her do the things that we do out of habit but that are time consuming.
  3. My new favorite activity is called "Out to the Races" I have a very large whiteboard that I bring in. Other materials include a blue and red dry erase marker, magnetic horses, and 2 large dice (one blue and one red). First, I draw a large line up the board and number off 0 to 50. Then I have all the residents bet on which horse will win, blue or red and I write that on the board. The residents will roll the dice and the corresponding color horse will move up the scale. The first horse to 50 wins and everyone that bet on that horse receives a dime. However, if someone rolls a 1, the horse "takes a water break" and goes back 5 spaces. I get the residents chanting for their horse and they get all excited when they win.
  4. I understand what you mean about a "waste" of bingo prizes. For rewards I give out quarters and most of the residents give it to their families or use it to by the grandkids a pop. However, the quarters can get lost and cause turmoil. What I have done recently is offer a donation box where they can put their quarters. The newest donation destination is Haiti. Many residents enjoy this and it allows them to feel as if they are helping the cause as well. Another idea is that recently I had someone donate almost 300 lottery tickets. We have been using the lottery tickets as bingo prizes. Now that the tickets are gone, I have went and bought more and residents can buy them for $1 that they save up from their bingo winnings. You would be amazed at how many residents want lottery tickets!
  5. I love Activity Connection. Once your bill is paid you will never need another site to do your calendars. Some of their templates are a little goofy, but they provide several to choose from. However, until you have access to Activity Connection, try using Microsoft Publisher. The templates are not as cute, but maybe you can create one that is yours and then really take pride in it!
  6. I just discussed a Happy Hour with my administrator and Social Services. I was told to give our Medical Director a list of everyone that wants to participate in the activity. He can then review their chart and write an order to allow alcohol. Our residents rights states that the residents are allowed to have alcohol, however as an employee I cannot give it to them without an order, so I would be careful. In the past I have used Non-Alcoholic beer. The residents still enjoy it and even though some makes comments about it, they are usually just joking. However, I think that if you set up a little bar and provided mixed drinks with the umbrellas that they would really enjoy it!
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