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  1. Hi everyone my name is Sandra i am new to these forums..i hope to learn alot from using this website..
  2. We like to use dollar bucks and stars..when we play bingo we have prizes as well as bucks n stars..when the resident wins it is his/her choice to pick if they want the buck/star or if they want an actual prize that we got from the dollar store or walmart..now if they choose the bucks/stars then when we have food and soda pop sales they are more then welcomed to use their bucks/stars to make a purchase..We do this for them because not all residents have a trust or a family member to come in and give them money...
  3. I'm sorry but i forgot to mention we have hat day and jersey day they both fall under our "Sports Talk"..this usually falls on a thursday for us..
  4. For "Happy Hour" we serve non-alcoholic margaritas and o'douls..I want to try and get some doctor orders for the residents so they can have alittle wine from time to time..maybe once a month..
  5. The men in my facility enjoy playing poker, blackjack, 21, skip bo, uno and dominos. They also enjoy the horse shoe game and ring toss. These activity games seem to keep our residents happy.
  6. Snack time to us in our facility is great..we do it before lunch and dinner in our activity department or if were having our activity going on in the dining room then we have our snacks in there as well..the resident's love snacking..we also keep an eye on the resident whom have lost weight..so this way we help them get to where they need to be... well call it a snack social, juice social, ice cream social, just to name a few...
  7. Hi everyone my name is Sandra Medina i live in corpus christi tx. Im working in a long and short term nursing and rehabilitation center in corpus which is going very well for me. I've been in activities since october of 09. I'm happy i got this position so now that i have it i am going to do the best that i can not just for the facility but for my residents.
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