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  1. Hi I work in an assisted living facility and I take them to a local Pool place to play pool for about an hour. I have also purchased a mini golf set so they can practice there putting. I also purchased a bowling game from a catalog called Nasco Senior Activities. It has everything that you may possibly need for activities it is a great catalog.
  2. If your in Assisted Living Facility you may want to ask your Executive Director if you are able to serve alcohol. I work for an assisted living facility and I know that I'am not able to do so. If you are in an Independent Living Facility I'm more than positive that you are able to. I would just check with the nurse and ask if certain residents need to watch there alcohol do to the medication that they are taking.
  3. Hi my name Edna Carrillo and I'am an Activity Director in an Assisted Living Facility. I have been and Activity Director at this facility for 9 yrs. I enjoy my job very much making seniors smile on a daily basis. It has been so much fun taking residents on outings or just in house activities. I wish all of you the best of luck in this course.
  4. Hi my name Edna Carrillo and i have been an activity director for 9 years in a assisted living facility. In the assisted living facility we also have a memory loss unit. We have a total of sixty seven residents in our facility. I enjoy doing activities with the residents and taking them on numerous outings such as, shopping at walmart, lunch outings, movies,and museums. I plan to continue to educate myself by continuing to do activity courses to become more knowledgeable in activities.
  5. When I have parties for any occasions I usually go to our neighborhood Dollar Store. I can purchase a variety of prizes for only one dollar. The residents and family members seem to enjoy what I purchase and I am able to purchase at least $40.00 worth of prizes so that means 40 gifts. I like to have more than enough prizes so that we can do on going games. It always works for me. Thank You! Edna Carrillo
  6. In the Assisted Living Facility where I am the Activity Director I have four boards that I have to Decorate and pin up a Calendar on two of my boards. For our residents we actually do a Newsletter with a company called Illustratus. We type in all our information in the space provided to fill up our Calendar activities then we submit the information to the company by the first of every month and they mail us back our Newsletter by the 20th of the same month so we are always ahead one month in advance. Once I have recieved our newsletter through the company I take on copy to our local Kinkos store and have them blow up a calendar with the dimentions of 36 x 48 and a smaller copy for my exercise room board which would be the dimentions of 24 x 36 because the board in the exercise room is smaller than the larger board by our dining area. If you would like have information on the company that prints out our newsletter just go to www.illustratus.com and they will be able to give you information on how to get set up with them on doing your newsletter. They are a great company! I hope this information will help you and the state has given us the approval to use these two dimension. Thank You, Edna Carrillo
  7. We usually have three stations where we have are going to prepare our chocolate lollipops. This activity is done during the morning and have three stations set up and divide the residents into the three stations. In the stations I would have one station where the residents are melting the chocolates, the second station where they are pouring the chocolates in candy molds, and the other residents putting the candy molds in the refrigerator. When the lollipops are ready then i have all residents continue to decorate and color the lollipops and put them in a clear plastic candy bag and make a bow with black and orange. They have a great time doing this activity.
  8. At our community we provide the residents with a Halloween Carnival. We have the residents participate in a variety of games such as the Cake Walk, bobbing for apples, face painting, etc. We also have the residents participate in singing Kareoke. We provide food and snacks aside from our traditional costume contest. We make sure to involve the residents to take part in all our festivities.
  9. I have taken residents to a local Dairy Farm to see how they process cheese and milk. And where it can also be purchased if the residents would like. The farm has a wide variety where they can observe and feed and pet the animals. This activity stimulates also physical activity by moving along in different stations. And can also be used as Pet Therapy.
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