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  1. Hi, my name is Amanda and I just recently became a SNF Activity Director in a 64 bed facitiy in FL. I just decided to include an additional bus trip so our monthly count is 2 trips outside the facility now- per month. On our first one we go out to lunch wherever the residents decide, and I would just like some idea's as to what I can do on the second outing. I know this depends greatly on my area (Lee County, FL) but there must be some general idea's that everyones got as well. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Amanda
  2. Maybe an idea could be to gather a group of residents together and give them all square pieces of fabric. Give them the opportunity to go home and decorate their peice of fabric with things in their apartments- or (depending on the type of facility you work at) provide them with supplies. Tell them to decorate the square and then sew them all together, or recruit a volunteer or local church to sew them all together. Give it to her by saying something like, "Happy 103rd Birthday from your family at _____________". Just an idea....
  3. I looked online at the website you gave and couldnt find anything... Do you just have to contact them directly or is there a page with a form to fill out?
  4. We do something like a trick or treat walk-through in our facility's ALF- all the residents wait outside their doors in a chair or something with a container of candy that the AD provided. The kids form a train through out the hallways and go trick or treating "door to door". The residents love it!
  5. Haha... of course you did! What kind of template do you use for your Resident Council minutes? Do you think we could trade documents? I would like any pointers that you could give me on mine.... Thanks! My email is Amartin@cchpf.net
  6. I would like to have everything prepared before being in that situation, though. Wow, I feel like an idiot... but even more than that I feel like perhaps my facility is really clueless as to what is required from the Activities department. Like I said before, does anyone have a link where I could get the exact guidelines for Florida? This would be a great help....
  7. Wow... I am unaware of most of this. My facility has told me that I do not need to care plan a resident unless a resident is triggered, and the resident council minutes have had the residents names on them for over 4 years?! Is there a website I can go to with all of the activity guidelines provided by the state? Thanks
  8. Wait, so you're telling me that I have to keep a copy of all the participation records? And the Resident Council minutes can't have their names in them? Do these rules change for the state of FL or am I just living under a rock?
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