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  1. We have church services three days a week and movie night 2 days a week. Our CNA's put on the movies for them and help get them to church on the night shift when I am not there.
  2. We are having "Are you wearing pink?" day. Every thursday our staff and residents wear pink. Each staff member donates any type of monies into our Pink bucket. On the last thursday of this month we are going to count it up and our company is going to match it. We will then donate it to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  3. Hello, I guess im pretty lucky in this area. My staff are extremely wonderful. They love to help out, but I was told that before I came, it was not like that. They didnt help with anything. I would recommend getting to know your staff a little better. Seem a bit interested in who they are. It opens up a beautiful relationship and when someone likes you, they are more apt to helping you. We had a luau not to long ago and had a best dressed contest awarding the top three dressed giftcards. We had the whole staff dresses to impress and they had every single resident 114, dressed in grass skirts and bras, over their clothes of course. We even talked all the department heads and administrator into doing karaoke together. The residents loved watching the head honchos making fools of themselves :0) Hope this helps cassey
  4. One of our on going fundraisers is soda pops. We had a refrigerator donated to our department and we stocked it with drinks and water. We sell them for 50 cents each. You wouldnt believe the amount of money you can make in just a month of soda. Our staff would rather give us the 50 cents to help with resident activities and they save 25 cents. The outside machines cost 75 cents per a drink, and it takes your money! We had a raffle back in july. Tickets were $1 each or 6 for $5. We went around to local businesses and asked for donations. We had free gym memberships, $50 gift cards, free tumbling lessons, free movie tickets, free meals, free movie rentals, etc. We had about 25 different items to raffle off and all we had to pay for was the raffle tickets which were $10, we ended up making over $1k in profit from donated items from our local community. Hope this helps :- Cassey
  5. We did a proclamation from the president as well, like they are stating. I have two residents that are having milestone birthdays. One is turning 104 and the other is turning 106. I also sent out emails to The View, The Today Show, the governor, the mayor, President bush and President Obama. I got confirmation from all that they would acknowledge their birthdays this October. Obama and Bush are sending letters and they said they would be here before their birthdays and the tv shows are going to feature their photos and send them out birthday wishes on live television. The governor and mayor are going to come and present them with the proclamations that the president is sending them and the one that the past president is sending as well. We are also getting our local newspaper to interview them and do a story on their long lives. I hope this gives you some good ideas Cassey
  6. Hello, We are doing a spook house this year. Fortunately we have a clinic here in our facility that is no longer being used. We are having our residents that are able, help us decorate the four different clinic rooms. On halloween we are going to have them all dress up in costumes for the trick or treaters and some are even going to dress up scary and sit in the spooky rooms to give them a little scare if they decide to go through the "haunted clinic", of course we will only do this with the older children. If smaller children want to go through, we will let everyone know not to try and scare them.Every week in October we are having atleast 3 halloween crafts. We are making ghosts and spiders out of tootsie pops to give away as treats for the children on halloween as well as a bunch of other candy. We are also having a halloween costume contest at our Halloween party on the 28th. This will include Staff, Volunteers and Residents. On halloween we will have different stations through out the building for cake walks, bobbing for apples, and many other fun events for the residents and children. Im really looking forward to it! Cassey
  7. Hello, What we do at our facility is order the big calendars from sea bay. The come just like a small, pocket calendar would. We just hand type all events and corresponding images that we want on our calendars and then glue them on the days the activities occur. We then hang the big calendar on the wall, the first day of the month. It may take you a couple days, so make sure you get busy on it the last week of them month so they it will be ready in time. You can get the big calendars $22 and they come in a quantity of 12. They are wonderful. I do not believe there is a state requirement on how big they need to be, As I have seen many different sizes at other facilities. Im not sure as to where to find the requirements but I was given a handbook stating how many requirements were required from my previous activity director and she is certified, so I am assuming that she kept within her requirements. Here is what I have... Atleast 3 organized group activities per day Atleast 3 nightly activities a month- may be conducted by Activity Director and/or volunteer Ateast 20 weekend activities a month-may be conducted by Activity Director and/or volunteer. I also know that per state regulations, it is required to have Resident Council, resident rights, and activity commitee meeting once a month. Hope this helps Cassey
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