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  1. Here's something cool that residents at my retirement community did to raise money for breast cancer awareness. We have a jewelry committee and the ladies decided that they wanted to buy soft pink "pearl-like" beads and make breast cancer bracelets with them. They added a final bead to each bracelet that was pearly white with a picture of a pink ribbon on it. We sold each bracelet for $4. It wasn't a huge money maker, but the residents were beaming with pride.
  2. Hi! It sounds like you have quite a situation on your hands! Here's an idea. You mentioned that when he was suspended from the program, he thought he was fired. How about writing up a "job description" with three or so SIMPLE rules. One of them being very specific in regards to the toilet paper issue. For example: (His Name) Job Description Date I will only use up to ten squares of toilet paper when I use the toilet. I will not use the staff restroom. I can carry one sheet of toilet paper with me throughout the day. (In case he has an OCD problem with toilet paper). Start off this private conversation by asking him to remember having to leave your facility (when he was suspended) and how it felt. I'm sure he didn't feel good about it since he said he thought he was fired. Then tell him that you don't want that to happen again because you and everyone else like him and want him to stay. He'll agree, and then tell him you have a solution to make sure that he doen't have to leave again. Go over the simple rules with him. Have him sign this only after he agrees to it. Make sure to tell him that you know he can follow these rules and you and all the staff will be there to help him. Good Luck! Angie Hylton
  3. Hi! How about buying one of those boxes full of specialty teas and having a tea social. There's something about a nice hot cup of tea that says "autumn" to me. We do this once in a while at my CCRC and the ladies and gents socialize and we have music playing in the background. The residents love it. Don't forget the cookies:) Angie Hylton
  4. Hi Amanda! What level of ability does the average resident at your facility have? Angie Hylton
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    MaryAnn, Everyone is on Facebook nowadays...I'm sure their grandkids are too. You should ask them if they'd like to learn to communicate with their family through Facebook. The coolest thing is that everyone posts pictures and comments by the hour, usually, and so there will always be something for your resident to read and/or respond to. Good Luck! Angie Hylton
  6. Hi! What kind of inservice? I'm not from Louisiana. Angie
  7. Hi! My name is Angie Hylton and I have been a Community Life Director for 2.5 years. I received a MA from Hood College with a concentration in gerontology and a certificate in thanatology. I work at a CCRC and my team and I plan activities, outings and special events for residents in our IL,AL, restorative and dementia neighborhoods. I live in Frederick, MD. This syllabus seems like it's going to be intense, especially with having a full time job. Reading textbooks is not my thing and it makes me feel like I have ADD! I'm not sure when I'm going to find time to first of all find TWO credited AD, but also to interview them and write up a summary on my interview....all before next week? Angie
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