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  1. I'm having trouble keeping my helpers. They are required to do more and no pay. My corp. office won't let me hire anyone. Any ideas on what i can do for the ones with the big hearts?
  2. I have a " Happy Hour" and it does not have anything to do with beer or alcohol. I serve root beer floats, banana splits, Fruit pops, Cream pops, ect. They enjoy it very much. As long as their smiling it a "Happy Hour".
  3. How about trying some of these: Chips and giggles Coffee clache Cocoa and chuckles
  4. musgrav8

    Pen Pals

    I would be interested in have some of my ladies participate in being pen pal. Here is my e-mail msaenz_77@yahoo.com.
  5. I have a grab box with all kinds of prize from socks to candy. I also ave crafts that residents made. Now they can all have some that they all can have nd enjoy. The residents and i paint pictures, frame them and sell them to raise money for the Activity Dept. and to buy for the grab box. Also have staff and family members to donate when able to.
  6. I was told by the State Surveyor that a least 2 years for residents participation forms/logs. I my be wrong but that is what i was told.
  7. Hi Sheron, I'm in the same boat you are in. The AD before me didn't do much either. I have also been making up my ideas. Here are some that work for my Alzheimers residents. Try some sensery games. Also finger-painting using pudding my residents love it because they can paint and eat. Toss a beach ball around works to. If you try some please let me know how it works for you. I have alot more ideas if those don't quite work for you. Monica Musgraves-Dumas,Tx
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Monica i'm from Dumas,Tx. I've been in the AD position for 6 months now the i love it. I worked as a CNA for 8 months at the same facility. I think knowing the resident before i took the position is helping me be a better AD. What do you think?
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