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  1. Using computers is an excellent way to engage your residents with music, communication, games, and much more. There is really no need to print out trivia papers or load music cds because it's all available online! We are always looking for online resources that might be beneficial for activity purposes. This AARP one is a favorite - AARP Games Please respond with some fun websites that you are seeing or using in your community.
  2. TGIF Everyone! Just wanted to announce some exciting news that you might be seeing in the news soon. We have been helping residents' in retirement communities for 9 years now and will continue to do so, however, we have our new PC coming out that ANY older adult can get for their own home. If you google 'MyGait GO computer' you will see the attention it is getting. This press release says it all too: MyGait in the News! Don't hesitate to contact us if you need some help or ideas to get your residents online! The Boomers are going to demand online services for sure. Chuck MyGait
  3. Hello LisaRee, It's Friday! Now that should get you some "happy" thoughts going at least. In regards to your frustration, I can tell you as a former Administrator that 'the liability' answer is pretty much standard in most places. Unfortunately, someone way back when probably filed a lawsuit or something and now all of us have to be a little more careful than we used to be. I can't agree with you more on the power of having kids around and the instant benefits they have on the residents. Most communities also have a little more than a form for their volunteer program in order to cover their rears if ya know what I mean. Some will even do background checks! Anyway, I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who feel your pain and can jump into the rant, but don't jump ship yet to another place because you might see the same thing. Those residents' there need ya - -keep up the good work you're doing! Chuck MyGait
  4. I just read an article today about how more and more boomers are using Facebook and other social networks online. I also teach Facebook 101 at several of the local community colleges here and can tell you that more seniors are curious about Facebook. Several of their family members are signing up their parents and grandparents because of the fast, fun way to stay in touch with eveyrone. The only word of caution I would say is that I am seeing some of our older users struggle with remembering yet ANOTHER password and some are taken back at some of the content/pictures from the pages. The benefits from better communication with family and old friends outweigh the negatives for sure. Technology is out there - - use it!
  5. Very interesting. I just did some research and looked at several ratings for a few nursing homes that I am familiar with and was a little surprised at some of the ratings. I like the simplicity of the 5 Star rating and think that more people will definitely access this kind of information online; however I think they need to elaborate more on HOW they came up with their ratings. The brief explanations from 'how we came up with this' leaves a lot more questions than answers. More people are doing their research online before taking all of the tours of communities and I think they will definitely use rating to make their decision. Good job in making the ratings available. Let's just hope a little more detail can be provided to understand the ratings.
  6. Hello there, Check your local regulation for your specifics, but there is a GREAT thing about Care Plans for Adult Day Services. They really only need to be done when there are changes with the client in regards to meds, condition, behavior, etc... There's no need to have meetings about meetings. I would also recommend looking at the NADSA website for additional resources. Remember that adult day programs are way different than SNF, AL, and other retirement options. Have fun!
  7. MyGait


    Great discussion for sure! We are hearing more and more about the Wii going into retirement communities - more so from people who have never worked in one. I have a presentation coming up that will be more specific to getting seniors online, but I have enjoyed the comments about the wii experiences.
  8. What kind of inservice ideas do you need? I might be able to help.
  9. Hey Sharon, Shoot me an e mail at chuck.lalonde@mygait.net and I'll help and put you in touch with the right resources.... quote name='sharonclark' date='May 18 2008, 03:51 PM' post='9379'] I am currently training for Activity Director of an Adult Day Care facility. The day care is new and has never had any paper work. I am not sure how to go about making forms . Do any of you have forms you could share a copy of or tell me where I could find them? Sharon
  10. Are you looking for the state regulations in regards to adult day care centers?
  11. MyGait


    Hello there, I would suggest that you look at the NADSA website. They are the professionals of the adult day world. Adult Day Care is now called Adult Day Services -- - much better in regards to dignity. Salaries will depend on the number your adult day will be licensed for. Will it be part of a community, hospital, etc...?
  12. Hey Pennie, Are you still needing this information? If so, I can give you TONS of information as I was the Administrator of one for 7 years. Let me know if I can help.
  13. MyGait

    Seniors love computers too!

    Just some pictures of seniors using our computers...
  14. Hello Everyone! I know several of you already and look forward to meeting more Activity Professionals in the years to come. I have recently made a switch from an Administrator to working with a company who specializes in senior computing. I have been working with the guys at MyGait for over 7 years, and have come on board with them to help meet the needs of our seniors as well as activity professionals. MyGait is currently in over 100 communities throughout the nation and we are rapidly growing because more and more seniors are demanding computers in their communities. I have seen that having just a regular computer in the corner of a library doesn't work. I won't turn this introduction into an info commercial, but rather hope to work with many of you as we prepare ourselves for the next way of seniors. Seniors deserve to take advantage of wonderful sites (like this one ) and I am excited about this opportunity. If you want more information about MyGait, you can check out our website Click here! or if your community already has MyGait systems in place, drop me a line and tell me more about your community. As a former Administrator I am aware of the important role of the Activity Director and I want to Thank you for everything ya'll do - - you ARE making a difference. Chuck Lalonde </div>
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