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  1. I had the same experience as Linda - I hired someone to have my resume professionally written. Funny thing, I soon realized I was doing most of the work. See, the company does not know anything about you. So you are going to have to write it down for them. And once you are writing it down... well, you kinda did most of the work! Here is my advise: read a few guides about resume writing (i.e. here and here), see examples of what other people (i.e. here), get a good template, and then just put it all together into a masterpiece. Nobody knows you better then you. You just need to rea
  2. This is Rogers and wishing you all the best in your ambitions!
  3. Who is your all time fovorite singer? Mine is George Michael.
  4. What about freepik dot com? Try that, I found this site really useful.
  5. Thinking from staff's point of view; everyone needs job secuirity and recalling my university life I can remind we study about something heirarchy of needs and on top of that pyramid there was "Affilliation Need". So spare some time to hear to your staff that will give them confindence and you will get productive and desired results.
  6. What about adding snooker to the list?
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