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  1. I would like to put a resume together , upon completion of this course for a director position, my facility will not have a postion available and I would like to start now and be ahead of the game. Unfortunately I am not all that great with resume writing and alll the duties we have in our field well I might overlook something > So if anyone has any help in this matter I would greatly appreciate it . Thanks , Gwendolyn
  2. Hello Everyone , My name is Gwendolyn and I am new to all of this I just started my MEPAP1 course. I currently work as the Asst. Director of Activities at Hickory Ridge Nursing and Rehab. We are a 170 bed facility catering to ages 30-65 mainly , alcohol/drug patients who are medicaid based with no family and friends. We also have the nursing side along with a Bariatric program, and 2 lock down units , one is alzheimers and the other is Behavioral. We have are hands full. Well my actuall need for guidance is this I have to do a report on 2 Activity Directors that have been in th
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