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  1. See what I do is do an activity and for those who are not able to get out of bed or maybe sick that day I have my assistant atke a few items from the activity and she will go and do the same activity witht hem. Even though they were not able to physically be there they sill weere involved in the activity. Even the ones that really want to come and cant we just take that certain activity tot hem if they are not able to. They really appreciate that we think about them during their time of need of wanting to participate and they enjoy it!
  2. Hi my name is Sindy and I am a newbie. I did do MEPAP I and passed so therefore I am here for MEPAP II. Today I just came back form attending a toastmasters meeting. I thought it was pretty neat how they do stuff like that. I didnt even know there was sucha thing. I l ike how they help you correct your speech grammar and pronounciations of words. They also teach you how to speak in front of an big audience. I was so nervous I wanted to pass out. I was so nervous and felt like fainting but thankfully God helped me survive. The subject was the nonsense lyrics on Christmas songs. It was funny be
  3. Hi its Sindy again and I just wanted to say that for our facility its small so ours isn't that much I'm guessing. Even so if you have a small budget the residents are old school and try to stay cheap and save so I go to the Dollar Treeand get them a few things for prizes when we play bingo or some thing. They love that too. Or to just play for quarters for the coke and candy machine we have in our facility. But like for prizes from the Dollar tree we get them colognes, perfumes, shampoo and conditioner, watches, make up, bath and body stuff, purses, socks, hats, decor for their rooms. and its
  4. I need some ideas when its raining outside, but has to do with the weather or something of the season? Any ideas please email me at mapleluv09@myspace.com Thank You!!!
  5. Hi Cindy, How funny but my name is Sindy and I read your comment. Now what exactly do you mean that you guys "flung" things for prizes. I get the whip cream part and it sounds like fun.
  6. Hi everybody my name is Sindy Castillo Im 24, have three kids and a loving fiancee. I just wanted to say that I love my job. Iused to be a CNA but now Im in activities. I am going to school for a Director so wish me luck!!!!
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