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  1. Position Available Immediately! Activity Professional needed to fill a temporary position for approximately 6-8 weeks In Mesquite Texas. Location: Mesquite Tree Nursing Center 434 Paza Dr. Mesquite TX, 75149 Applicants must fill out an Application at the facility on the secure web site Contact: Nancy Peoples HR 972-288-6489 MEPAP 1 or greater education in activities a plus. Please include Resume.
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    Hello, My name is Tammy. I'm completely new to the Activity Director World. I do not currently or have i ever worked in a nursing home. I'm so excited about Learning and beginning this career. I have a question or two for anyone out there that can answer. When it comes to a Budget, ow do they figure a budget for your facility? Is it usually enough to get you through the year. What are some ways we can avoid cutting into the budget for event planning. Other then Schools and Church's what are some good networking opportunities. Okay that will do for now. Just a few questions i have been thinking about. thanks for your help and insight. Tammy
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    Memorial Day

    If you have music on your computer or MP3 player you can drop some songs in a flash drive and plug and play. You can also try to network with the local school for their band to play or maybe just a few band members to play some music. I love the Church idea. Getting the entire church involved sounds so exciting! Good Luck Tammy
  4. Hello All, I have a suggestion for Nursing Home Week and I would like to share it with all of you. Some of you may have already or have did this, but why don't you have Kareoke day, but with an "American Idol" twist to it and get your residents involved in the activity as well as staff. We did at my facility and the residents just loved it, had a good time. The residents were judging as well as a few staff members and acting like the judges on American Idol. That is great idea Sue elayne. I did not know that we had Nursing Home week. I knew of nursing Assistant and Nurses day but not nursind Home week. Right now I work at a brand new facility so we are at this moment trying to get some residents. So maybe we can host an open house with our residents being the hosts? That may work Cathy Wow! What a great couple of ideas. The "American Idol" thing sounds like a blast! I bet everyone around gets involved. The open house "greeter" Activity sounds like a great way to get the existing residents excited about welcoming in new neighbors. What an amazing idea! Good luck to both of you. Tammy
  5. Hello everyone! My Name is Tammy. I'm completely new to this world and am so excited to be here. I love helping people and doing crafts. I have combined two of my passions and decided on this ecxiting Career. vI can hardley wait to be in a facility with my own patiens. I can't think of a more rewarding career as one as an Activity Director. Tammy
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