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  1. Angie, another Idea. for the past 2 years we have raised money for March of Dimes by making different kinds of hot sandwiches(hotdogs, sloppy joes and shredded chicken sandwiches, chips and drinks and bring them at lunch time. Day staff, evening and weekend staff love them. We can make a couple hundred in one weekday and one weekend. Shredded Chicken Sandwich:You can by the shredded chicken, cream of chicken soup. Put in your crockpot take to work and serve.
  2. Hello Angie, My name is Cindy. How about a silent auction with your dinner. Donations from staff and family.
  3. Hello, My name is Cindy. I have been at it for a while too. Do you have facility bucks? We are Sagebrook so our bucks are Sagebucks. They get these for coming to planned activities. When calling bingo if they bingo they get a buck. At the end of bingo time when we do cover all(blackout) they get 5 Sagebucks. We ahve 3 ways to spend these bucks. 1st way is WheelChair Inn (we had a contest to name this store(yes their prize was Sagebucks)I go to the Dollar Tree and get items like bodywash,shampoo,lotions,socks,t-shirts, little nicknacks. Things I know my residents will like. We charge like 10-15
  4. Cindy M again. we had our own Olympics here at SagebrooK. We invited a sister facility to come and compete in fifferent games. The winners received medals and we gave a victory medal to all participants. There was Volleyball competition, discus throw(frisbees), Shotput(wiffleball wrapped with colored tape), Watermelon eating contest(resident and staff). We had wheelchair races(staff and resident). We were able to have a BBQ(done by Administrator) and live music. When you get staff involved if helps for a feeling of community. The are more willing to help with your resident activities. If you w
  5. Hello, My name is Cindy Martinez, This May we had a Spring Fling. We flung things for prizes. Rubber chickens(you can get these at PetSmart in dog toys), Frizbees and whipping cream on paper plates at resident chosen staff. Have fun
  6. >bb Hello, My Name is Cindy Martinez. My Administrator doesn't like tape or staples either. Ask for the clear acrylic document holders. I don't know how many beds are in your facility, but yes it is state law. Who ever orders your office supplies should be able to get them for you. I post a daily calendar in our main dining room using one.
  7. Hello all, My name is Cindy Martinez, I am also in the MEPAP1 couse and love working with Wonderful Seniors. Some of the are a wealth of knowledge and advise. And some are my good friends But I am kind of an elder myself.
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