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I Need Help!!

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I need help!I have been working as an AD for a year now, and i love the activity side of my job. My problem is that they are spreading me to thin. I am putting reports in the computer for the admn & DON. Transporting Residents to and from appointments (most of the time an hour away). Getting physician orders to dr's and picking them up. doing nsg inventory. I also have the restorative dept. Some of this i can understand like transporting residents and physician orders. but i am spending most of my time working in the other depts and my documentation is suffering as well as my residents (my activities are being done). I was told yesterday that they want to hire a new act director and move me to basically being an assistant to the don, adon and donbecause i have the computer know how, which is something i also like. Is there a title for that job? How can I get back to enjoying Activities without losing my job completely? or should i take the job and forget about act?

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both opportunities are great! YOu make the decision and stick to it!


I find it interesting that they are asking a non-nursing personel to assist the DON - just food for thought!


Sounds like they value you - but do what your heart tells you!

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Do most activity directors have the responsibility of running residents to Dr Appts and being their spokesperson, if they are unable to? Since our Driver quit that has fallen to me and I do not like it. I have mised events and activities and I think it is demeaning to my job. (not to mention hurting residents because some activities take someone with know how). All of the other ADs I know have drivers so this is not part of their job, and when I started here we had a driver but since she quit it is ME!!!


I feel for you not getting everything done because of being spread too thin.





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My Opinion is kinda like the other, do you want to be a secretary or AD. Which position is going to be more fullfilling to yourself. Making the other departments happy or your residents, most of all YOURSELF !! It sounds like they are taking advantage of all your skills and saving money by not hiring the correct person to do the other depts work.


At our home, the Social worker takes residents to and from Dr. appointments. He has lots more time than activities. It takes all we have to do three levels of activities, document correctly. Why don't they mail physicians orders with a return evenlope, that is cheaper than your time or gas at this point.


Stand your grounds for what your heart tells you to do. I have residents that tell me daily how much they appreciate me & my staff, with the activities we provide, they smile all day long and to me that is worth more than any other depts paperwork or errands. 8-)

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Guest Guest

To reply to the ???you asked about the titlle for the task that you undertake w/the DON... I think that position is called Assisted Living Coor. Find out from you Facility Director if it is available in your facility. Then negoiate for the position ..."Seeing that you are already doing it."

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Dear smls71,


When you are multi-talented you always get spread thin. Just remember this...the Activity Director is a rock solid position. The other position is pieced together and is only necessary until someone who knows computers and has a nursing background comes along. Also, it it ever comes to budget cuts from corp, guess which position gets cut first.


If you take the other position...you must make your service to the facility totally indespensible. In other words, they need to think they can never get along without you. You must be on top of everything they give you to do...and do even better than that.


If you keep the Activity position...you must learn to say NO to many of the non-Activity department things you are doing. No more "go-for" jobs. The residents and the Department need your full attention.


Bottom line: Do what your heart tells you to do and you will be happy for it.




Linda Lucas, AD

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