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Health Benefits of Bingo


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Hi Angie

I loved the article!! Finally an article that we can use to support the activity that so many of our residents love. Try to cancel it & you could have a riot on your hand lol.



Hi all,


I recently did some research into bingo and was surprised by what I found. You might enjoy reading about it:




Happy bingo calling! :)



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Hey, I love Bingo! I must be weird 'cause I actually look forward to bingo. Yes, I do have a life, but I love the joy (and frustration unfortunately) it brings my residents.

Thanks for the article. I've had to fight to get more bingo times. Hopefully this will help my case!

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Loved the article, my anti-bingo boss must have a copy. He strives to get away from the stereotypical nursing home activity called bingo and swears the game can bust a budget. What can I say, we all know the residents love it.

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