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  1. Very Good article very funny how bingo is everywhere... lol I printed it and put it on the wall in my office.. LOVE IT!!
  2. Hi, I am David from Paterson, NJ. I am new to this career and enjoying it. I work at an adult day care I am training for an AD position currently taking the MEPAP1 and will take MEPAP2 soon after. I am new to this looking forward to coming here for ideas and tips hope I can help as well.
  3. Hi Vickie, I work with Alzheimer's/Dementia Patients as well. and one of the things I agree on is the time you spend with them is a plus. Keeping them active and seeing your face on a regular bases will gain that trust, with time your face will be familiar. one of the things I do is I Play a card game with them They seem to like "Black jack" it took them a whole month to learn the game but now thats all they want to to. Its an easy card game and the really enjoy it. Of course there is going to be those that cant add so you will have to hint the on whether or not to take a hit. Trust me Patience and care works great together.
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