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Found 5 results

  1. Rob Sings for You remotely from Michigan! Hey Everyone, I am available at robcrozier123@gmail.com to offer live streams directly to whatever platform that we can configure together. I will say that Facebook works well. I can also do FaceTime or Skype. I offer a nice Sing a Long video (click for a sample of the actual video) to all of you on a sliding scale. I have recently posted a good quality St. Pat's concert for free. This was prerecorded and produced a little. Bio: Rob Crozier is a multi-instrumentalist performing throughout South East Michig
  2. Our amazing consultant, M. Celeste Chase, has earned her CMDCP and we are most excited to congratulate her accomplishment! Celeste works extremely hard to ensure that she is delivering the absolute best advice and education in every single one of her weekly columns. Her contributions are greatly helping Activity Professionals everywhere to improve the lives of the residents they serve while maintaining confidence in their skill set. We are very proud and grateful for you Celeste. Celeste was kind enough to provide information below regarding the certification mission and process in case any
  3. Meaningful Memory Care Planning Individuals afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia complications go through a number of different stages during the disease progression. Leisure pursuits are crucial for residents living with Alzheimer’s disease, particularly those which offer and encourage engagement opportunities and much needed cognitive stimulation. The Approach to discovering leisure pursuits to offer engagement and stimulation is the same as any resident assessment process with one very significant
  4. Hello all, I'm planning a Valentine's Day formal for my residents and I need some ideas. I work in a memory care facility with anywhere from 120-125 residents, and half of them are severely cognitively impaired. I want to do a dance more for sensory and reminiscent purposes (the taste of punch, the sound of their favorite music, dressing up), but I'm struggling with how to include everyone without agitating the more cognitively aware. Your thoughts?
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