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    Budget will be different at every facility. It is determined per patient day usually. Ask your Administrator to explain the amount you are allocated per month. Here are some ways you can event plan with help from outside sources: 1. Recruit volunteers from Universities. Maybe they will fund raise for you. They may provide hand painted decorations, balloons, offer their services for parties. 2. If it is a large community event such as an Easter Egg Hunt, or Trick or Treat. Write a letter on Company Letter Head and visit local merchants to participate in the event, donate prizes, or money. 3. Have a fundraiser to support the event. Make signs early stating the event, time, and the kind of donations you are looking for. Family members often will want to get involved and donate. 4. Start early to increase your funds well ahead of time. 5. If your units are broken up into neighborhoods the staff and residents of the neighborhood could offer to sign up and help. They will bring in items for a party, napkins, balloons, or could make something together as a group project. Often there are many workers in the building outside your department who would donate time, talent, money, or stuff. Create personal relationships with the staff and families so you know where the hidden talents are. Keep everyone informed of your ideas and upcoming events so they have time to plan. Ask for their suggestions so they can take some ownership in the event. Good luck with your budgeting. It is never easy, but soon you'll know what you have to do to keep things moving.
  2. Hallway Trivia is successful while they are waiting for our elevator. Spelling quizzes could work. I hand out pens, markers, and puzzles for them to do at their table. I also hand out donated magazines and newspapers. Hope this is helpful.
  3. Gardening can be created for them on a tray table. Help them put plants in a container garden, mist houseplants, or make their own terrarium with herbs or grasses. They can keep what "they plant" (even if you do the work) at bedside for future visits. A separate calendar would be very difficult if you do not have one person monitoring and completing these tasks. Maybe a log at bedside would be better. A place to record the visit/activity & responses for family or staff to see and read.
  4. Brad, We had a dog show on the Alzheimer's unit which was very effective for staff and residents. A sign was put up to alert staff we would be having the show, what day and time. Staff were to call me to sign up their dog to come. We probably had 9 dogs come with their owners and the owners even brought children along to help. All dogs had to be on a leache and under control. The dogs did well and there were no fights but you may need to ask each person about the dogs personality and how they get along with others. The residents loved getting the doggie bags ready for all of the dogs to take home (treats, tennis balls were inside) and handing them out. We did not even judge the show because we had so many people there and dogs, but it was great. Pet visits are a really effective activity on a weekly or biweekly basis.
  5. Sounds like you have a tough job. Some Ideas to try: Put up signs-If you need a bingo caller put that on the sign, If you need an arts & crafts expert specify that on the sign. Staff and Family who are interested will respond. If any family members are already hanging around the activity with mom or dad you may want to approach them for some help. Keep recruiting new help even if you think you have enough. When College and High school are in session they may have volunteer work to complete. Volunteers do not always stay for long periods of time and need replaced some times. I recently learned that keeping in constant contact with the volunteers helps. I have been calling them regularly, praising them, providing training in their areas of interest, sending them Valentines and notes with a newsletter and calendar, circling where I need help. I hope you soon find and keep the help you need. Good Luck.
  6. Activity I care plans- We are now writing the "I care plans" It is a lot easier than the traditional care plans. It helps to focus our goals on the resident goals. Instead of ________will attend 2-3 activitys per week type goal. It might be. " I am here due to a fall at home." I plan to attend therapy to gain back my strenght. While I am here I might watch t.v., read, talk on my cell phone with my family. Please assist me to know what activities are going on. I used to sew and might like to attend art & crafts. I also like church and Bible study. Please assist me to and from activity area with my wheel chair. During my visits with them I will ask them what they think we can help them with while they are in the facility and how they want to spend their time. I let them know we will be in for visits and will invite them to attend the programs if it is okay with them. The surveyors liked the care plans when they visited. The asked for details from nursing plans regarding walking. If the resident needed anti slip footwear before walking they wanted to see that on the care plan.
  7. Sport outings like baseball, basketball, bowling, horseshoe tournaments, fairs, festivals, a sports bar might be appropriate depending on your residents and abilities. Men like to go fishing, you could take a lunch and some near beer. Strip clubs are not appropriate for professionals. If a resident is insistant, the family could take them if they wanted. Hope this helps.
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