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  1. Alberta, Those are great ideas! I've done a few roadtrips before, but just to the nature center and to farms, but the butterfly museum is an awesome idea! We have a tree farm around here that you get to pick your own fruit, do you think that might be a fun activity for some of the residents?
  2. I really like your idea. I actually got in contact with a pet therapist a few weeks ago and she is supposed to bring in some dogs that ride tricycles and do tricks! We have two dogs, two cats and a bird that live in our facility and the residents love them. They love taking care of them and they sure do get on us if they are fed late!
  3. I work in an assisted living facility and I need some new fresh ideas for residents with Alzheimer's and Dementia. I'm trying to avoid burnout and keep them interested. We have some activities that they love, such as the wii, coupon clipping, tea parties, balloon badmitnton, music class and name that tune, but I fear they will start to get old if some new fresh ideas aren't worked in. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!! I'd love to share activities! Brad.
  4. I find college students are easy to get to volunteer. It's required for a lot of their classes. The students that volunteer are usually very helpful and tend to stick around. We try to get them involved with a lot and try to make them feel at home. We invite them to all meetings and ask them to eat meals with the residents and come with us on our "field trips." Also, we try to help them with school things. If they are an artist, for example, we give them contact information to art gallery's and other artists. It's something little, but it show's that we appreciate what they do and we want to help them as well.
  5. be1123

    Pen Pal Wanted

    I think penpals are a great idea! I have a few residents that have mentioned this and I would really like to do it. Our facility is in Ohio and it's an assisted living facility for Alzheimer's and Dementia. One of my residents is a male that was a Spanish Teacher and he is very intelligent. The other resident is a female and she is very artsy and motivated with new things. She loves writing and writes in her journal everyday. Her brother was also an author!
  6. I work in an Assisted Living facility for people with Alzheimer's and Dementia and surprisingly, I get a lot of ideas from alz.org. It's the Alzheimer's Associations website and they have a lot of helpful information on there. They will also send you info if you request it. I like to do a lot of Sensory and Cognitive activities. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Montessori method, but you should research it and give it a chance. It's helped me a lot. If you continue to research and try new things, you will learn a lot and try new things. Some things are hit or miss, but you'd be surprised on what ends up working.
  7. Hello Aaron! My names Brad and I'm also new! I'm from Ohio and I'm taking my MEPAP right now and so far, I like it a lot. Are you taking or taken yours yet? If so, do you or did you enjoy it?
  8. I have to do the same thing, in fact, we are in the same class! I just got in the phone book and called up all the nursing homes and assisted living homes around my area. The Activity Directors were very helpful and they referred me to someone if they couldn't do it. I had my two directors found within 5 to 10 minutes!
  9. I am searching for the best place to take my MEPAP online and I was wondering where you all took yours? Did you like it? Was it helpful with new information? Also, is it required to take part one AND part two? I'm new with all this, if you couldn't tell already! I'm hoping to find a good course that allows me to take part one and part two.
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