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  1. If you train them the same way you train employees, they should be considered non-paid employees. At a previous volunteer site that was my title. Its great for those who want to get the experience without the commitment of being an employee. Rachel
  2. I understand that touch can be awkward especially if you grew up in a untouchy home like my own. I honestly feel touch, eye contact, and tone of voice is the best way to reach someone. I know there are certain residents that are sexually inapproiate and I stay clear of them. I mainly rub on the back and on the knees. It really wakes them up. Sometimes the response is a kiss. I turn my head and recieve the kiss on the cheek. I like to feel that they think I am their daughter. I also give hand massages. I have activity assistants who wear gloves when doing this. I think it counteracts the benefit of the massage if you are wearing gloves. Touch is important. I think it seperates me from the rest of the staff.
  3. I do work at an assisted living residence but we do not have the means for traveling. Most of my residence are in the late stages of alzheimers. The only thing they really respond to is music. However, I do not sing or play an instrument. I can only pay for so many entertainers. The afternoon programing is also difficult for me because the afternoon is really not my time of day. I am really a morning person and I seem to get a kick of energy in the evening. Its just tough for me.
  4. I have been an activities director now for about a montha and a half. Morninga activities are a blast. I have organized a mixture of programs for all stages. However... Afternoons are just boring. The residents have a hard time being in the moment. I also dont particularly like my afternoon activities. The first round of activities is physical of some sort. Then the set round is more of a relaxation activity. Do you have any suggests for what works best? The schedule is lunch at 12, nap at 1, activity 1 at 2:00. snack at 3, and activity 2 at 330. The residents just seem to not recover after the nap.
  5. I know this post is over a year old... The best things to do are sensory activities. They cant see or hear so those senses are out. But you still have touch and smell and maybe taste depending on their eating if they dont have gi tubes. I would do things like music instruments. They cant hear it but they can feel the vibrations from the music they make. Especially if its drums. Touch items that have differnt textures. Handmassage with differnt smells. You can do their hair. Just think about anything that deals with touch and smell.
  6. The last week of September/first week of October is the annual American Therapuetic Association Conference. This year it is in Reno. Since I live in Northern California I am really thinking about going? Is anyone else interested in going? Has anyone else been to an ATRA conference before? Maybe someone is interested in sharing a hotel room?
  7. What kind of activities are involved in you sensory groups?
  8. I feel like my group facilitation skills are rusty or underdeveloped. I am great one on one or in a group of two to four. Any advice on especially exericise groups for people with alzheimer's disease would be great. This is my thrid week as a activity director for the first time.
  9. My name is Rachel. I am a recent Recreation Therapy graduate. I recently got my first professional job as an Activity Director for a resident facility for people with dementia. For the last two years I have been working with people of all ages who have developmental disabilities. So this is a change for me. My residents consists of people mostly in the late stages of Alzheimer's, but I have a few who very aware. My issue is that I just don't know how to led activities when sometimes I am the only one participating. I feel like my faciliation skills are very rusty. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any trainings in Northern California I could attend?
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