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  1. How many Bed Facility are you? 65 Do you currently have any unfilled/open beds? yes about 21 open beds How many hours per week does your activity staff work (total)? they work 40 hours a piece How long does the last activity staff stay? they stay 8 hours 8 or 8:30 to 4:30 or 5pm What are your hours scheduled for weekends? Saturday and Sunday 8 hours Is your Activity Director full-time or how many hours worked (not included in above)? I am the Activity Director and I work 40+ hours a week and also I am staff development and I also do all of the scheduling for the nursing staff and plus do the whole things for activities. Which include careplans, MDS's, progress notes, admissions,etc. And I am not salary so therefore I do not mind working overtime. I have two assistants, but only budgeted for 1 1/2. I make them work on various things and then I can show corporate what they have been doing. Hopefully one day all of this other stuff will be taken from me!!! I'll continue to pray!!!
  2. As you all know the time has come. Mational nursing home week. This years theme is Nuturing a Love that Last. I have came up with a very few things to do and I was wondering if anyon ehad any ideas? I have came up with Memory games, making a keepsake box, declaring a hug day, nuturing the wildlife such as making bird feeders and such, inviting church youth groups into the facility and also inviting softball teams to come and do a game in teh field right beside the facility. Our Administrator wants this week to be over teh top, but you know you can only come up with just so much and sometimes, your mind goes blank. I know that what I have came up with is alot, but not really. For all of you that has particiapted in nursing home week, before you know it is teh week that we all dread, because it is alot of work and alot of time goes into it. I am asking for suggestions and things that I can do!! Pleas help!!! Thanks!
  3. I would love to swap calendars!! Sounds like a great idea. RLC
  4. Karen I want to Thank you so much for your help. I kind of do dome of the things that you told me about. I greatly appreciate all of your ideas. The cinnamon ornaments sound like a big hit. I can't wait to try to make them. If you have anymore ideas, please let me know about them. Thanks, RLC
  5. I need help with coming up with activities for handicapped young adults that are age appropriate. All of the young adults range from the age of 20-55. Most of them have cerbral palsy and are blind and deaf. They depend on the staff for all ADL's. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, please give them to me. Thanks, RLC
  6. I have a 65 bed facility and I am in desperate need of help. You might ask why with only 65 beds. I have two different populations in my facility. I have teh elderly and handicapped young adults. I really need help with coming up with activities for the young adults that are age appropriate. All of the young adults range from the ages of 20-55. Most of them have cerbral palsy and are bind and deaf. I really haven't been properly trained. I have been in activities for 6.5 years and I have only been a Activity Director for 1.5 years. My department has not been cited in over 17 years and I do not want to start now. I know that teh state is going to be very hard on activites and I am asking all of you for help. If you have any ideas. suggestions, or comments please give them to me. Even if they are bad, I want them. My facility is going to send me to a school, to help properly train me to deal with teh young adults. I hope that it works. Thanks for all of your time. I'll be going now! Thanks, RLC
  7. I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you and tell you alittle about myself. I am an Activity Director and I have a 65 bed facility. You might think only a 65 bed facility, but here is the catch. I have two popuations in my facility. What I mean by that is I have elderly and handicapped young adults in my facility. The young adults age from 18-55. I am the only activity director to the whole facility. You might think that is simple, but your wrong. All of the young adults have cerbral plasy and they are all in wheelchairs. The majority of them are blind and deaf. They need total care even with activities. I haven't properly been trained on how to deal with handicapped young adults. I am getting ready to attend a school, and hopefully I will learn something. I have been in teh activity deaprtment for 6.5 years. I worked as an assistant for 5 years and became an activity director in the last year and a half. I really enjoy activities and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas for me. I provide sensory stimulation,music therapy, pet therapy, aroma therapy, exercise, beauty shop days, 1:1 and community outings. Myself does not feel like that is enough. I know that state is buckling down on teh regs for activities and I want to be on top of things when they come. The activity department here at my facility has not been written up in over 17 years, and I surely do not want to start now. I love my residents and want to keep them happy. Please help me!!! All of your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RLC
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