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  1. So do you just do exercise groups with restorative or are there other things involved? From what I understand administration wants to merge activities and restorative together as 1 department.
  2. Is there anyone out there that has Activities and Restorative Therapy together?? My facility is looking into doing that and we are looking for any info we can get.
  3. Hi! I'm looking for any kind of ideas for a simple form to document room visits/1:1's.
  4. Looking for some ideas for easy memorial day activities.
  5. I am the AD in a 112 bed facility. I have 2 sensory activity groups that are ran by an activity aide from 8am-8pm. Most residents in the groups are frequent fallers or are in advanced stages of dementia. I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for low level activities. I have thought of all i can think of and I need some help. Thanks
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