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  1. Hi, My Name is Bendu. I am really interested in this form can you please send me a copy of this form please? Here's my e-mail: bmcborrough@yahoo.com
  2. thanks you have done a great job!
  3. http://www.gaiam.com/product/t-ai+chi+exer...ise+for+seniors Here's a site that will be much helpful for exercise sitting or standing. hope this will help some! Bendu
  4. Hi, thanks for these sites, they are wonderful and helpful.
  5. Residents that are able and willing to participate and gladly contribute thier service should be given the chance to exercise thier talents. I beleive separating both communities can also bring the mind set of other classafication which is a no no situation. I have worked with the elderly for quiet a while now, and I am sure that you are also know what I am referring to. I will definitely make it known to the administration spelling all of the pro and cons related to this issue. I think our goal in the healthcare setting is to bring about unity, love, comfort and moreover loving and tender care to all residents.
  6. Hi the LaShunda, that's really great! but I was selecting an atmosphere of that nature, I think I would involve my resident in the deciding making process. So that way, they can tell me what they enjoy and that way, I will get to know what they will prefer. Because you don't want to strieve and do the best you can without them and then they dislike the outcome. So that's what I will think. Hope this will help you. Bendu
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