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  1. I am in need of help Big Chris...am I allowed to D/C the other care plans and write my own w/out state wondering what the heck is going on? Some of these care plans the previous AD did are not realistic and they havent if ever attended 8/10 activities a month as she had careplaned 2 years ago...some of these residents are no longer on 1:1's...one it seems is due to years worth of refusals...what is the proper way to DC that? Or should it be?....sigh...I am second guessing myself left and right...
  2. Hi Leslie and Welcome:) Are you an AD or taking classes for your certification? This site is a most excellent resource for information!
  3. Mine would also be CarePlans...I keep second guessing myself on the goals...I really need more input on that!
  4. How about " We do ordinary things in extraordinary ways"
  5. " We do ordinary things in extraordinary ways"
  6. I would try a to tak the men on fishing trip (local area of course) and you could also serve Sharps, a non-alcoholic beer w/ chips, etc.. on the trip. My facility also has a Men's Club that meets once a month for cards and refreshments. It is a good bonding time for them. During the Mens Club I do recommend that you stay with the group to facilitate conversations and socialization process...or you could have a "Guy" movie night with pizza and non-alcoholic beer.
  7. On Monday I too start as the new Activity Director at my facility. (The one we have had for the past two years has been moved to a different position) You and I seem to be in the same boat regarding care plans! I am excited and dreading the care plan process. It seems to be the Bain of my existence; since I do fear that I will do it incorrectly....You will most likely see alot of posts from me regarding this topic in the very near future. I will need all of the groups experience and input that I can get! I certainly am looking forward to the challenge, and as I said it's a very exciting time for me and my team:)
  8. Hello Patricia and Welcome! First I would like to say congrats to your obtaining your state certification(soon to be that is)! Job well done! My name is Kathy A. I am an ADPC Activity Director at a 130 bed Stroke and Skilled Nursing Facility in Westlake, OH. I have been in field for approx 3 years now and I am loving every moment of it. (Yes, even during those stressed days:) Learning the ins/outs of this field certainly are challenging, but exciting! I am currently taking the MEPAPII to have my provisional status lifted from my national certification. From there I plan on obtaining my consultant certification. I look forward to hearing more from you and receiving some of your input in this forum in the future. Have a great weekend!
  9. I also love your cart idea:) My sister facility does something like that. I am eager to try new ideas, especially eye catching, fun, visually pleasing ones like this one! Thanks for sharing it!
  10. karmada


    My facility has also recently purchased a Wii and it seems to be a double edged sword. Some residents love it, while others become frustrated, as yours have with the controller. I think I may try to intergrate the Wii into my 1:1's so that I can spend more time with the residents that are having problems and teach them the proper technique. I do agree that holding the button down on the back and bringing the arm forward while releasing it (re:bowling) is challenging for most of my residents. I am hoping with time and patience my residents and I will get the hang of it and enjoy it more.
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