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  1. One question I would ask you is how communication works within your department. Do you have regularly scheduled meetings where staff can get together and share ideas, approaches, what's working, what's not? This is a wonderful opportunity to gain the ideas that this staff person has to offer and the Activity team can discuss them and implement some of them. It is good to request that ideas and ongoing issues be brought to this meeting. (Of course there will be problems you will want and need to learn about immediately and your staff will need to know to come to you immediately in some situatio
  2. I suggest writing one yourself. Use the standard format of the policies that are in your handbook. At our facility they usually begin "It is the policy at the LHW that........" and the expectation is written down. Then the procedure is written as to how that policy will be met. Determine what you want to happen regarding one to one visits. Determine the minimum frequency of one to one interaction that will meet regulation. Create the forms that you will need for documentation. Then create the means for evaluating how successfully you are meeting the policy. We recently added to ours
  3. I agree with Elaine on her input. I just had my resume done professionally. They gave me homework. I had to write down everything that I did as part of my job. Then I had to write down accomplishments - things that made a positive difference in the facility, things that saved or brought in $$, things that helped meet standards, things that improved communication, things that aided quality of life...... I suggest making those lists and adding to it as you think of things you do regularly, and things that have positively impacted the facility. Stress the work that you do as part of the Tea
  4. I find that sometimes small ventures out of the room work as a beginning for the reluctant resident. I might say something like, "I know that you are not interested in group activities right now, but I'd like to take you for a tour around the building". Sometimes it helps if they are already out of the room - maybe for a meal? I'll offer to take them back and say something like I bet you didn't know there are a couple of ways to get to your room, shall we try another route?" Or, I might say, "Have you seen the back yard patio, would you just like to take a peek before we go back to your room
  5. At my facility we have a number of residents who are "tube feeders" and we have found that meal time is an excellent time to spend quality one to one time with them. In the summer season we take them outdoors, during other seasons we play games or whatever. People who are npo can feel left out when so many programs involve food. And meal time can be especially hard on them. Linda M
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