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  1. i am currently relocating to greensboro nc and was wondering if anyone knows of any postions available in that area. Please contact me thank you
  2. i need to know where i can find policy and Procedures for bed bound residents its not in my activities policy and procedures mannual if anyone can help me out i would be very greatful thanks
  3. Can you all tell me if you know of any place that might have a good cart that i can use for one on one's
  4. well not every AD is off on the weekends ...and of course i'm not that lucky... but i don't mine because i like being around the residents they are to funny
  5. hello everyone my name is keylee and i am the ad for a facitlity in west texas i have only been AD for 2 weeks and i am loving it ...i love the residents but the only probably is they want to get out of the facility and our company has no trasportation there are about 100 residents. 23 of my residents are bb which i think is crazy. never seen anything like it.. so i suppose i have alot of work ahead of me since the last AD didn't do any paper work no assessments no careplans no mds
  6. hi everyone my name is keylee and i am new to the AD world and if you all have any pointers and what nots then i am all ears hope you all have a great day
  7. hello everyone, well to start off with i need some advice on how to handle my asst. i am new to my facitlity i have only been there two weeks. i am the activity director and well my asst has been there for 10 years she first worked in the kitchen and then went to the activity department. already i am having trouble with her .. when i first got there i told her that if she needed anything to ask me we are there to help each other and far more importantly for the residents. i have a ton of meeting i have to go to in the mornings and she handles the activities while i am in the meeting. but they
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