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  1. I have dealt with this as well. I agree that it is a great idea to tell the entertainer that your calendar for the next month is full. Or if your entertainer has a standing date each month, plan something special that day and explain to her you already have something going on. Let her know you will give her a call when you may need her again. Maybe she will get the idea Kelly
  2. Hi there! Has the problem gotten any better? One of my assistants is very loud, too. I will usually ask her to take some kind of paperwork to do during programs or performances. She still yells out though. I've never understood it, but it's good to hear others are doing the same thing. I plan to bring it up at her next evaluation. Does your AA have an eval coming up? Kelly
  3. Hi Everyone! I have had bad luck with assistants since I started my new AD job last November... I now have a very caring assistant, but she is the 'take over' type... I'm trying to handle this in a way I can get my point across, be professional & hopefully change the situation... I will give you a few examples of the things she is doing. I'm hoping for some advice, as I am very laid-back & easy-going... my assistant is more of a, um, how should I say this... drama queen Examples: -Going to our Administrator about things I should be going to her about, and other things that the Administrator does not need to be bothered with. (I have explained to her this is my job, but she continues to go to her...) -Telling me to do things in front of staff & residents... ex. Today she said 'get 'Tom'' a bowl of chili, rather than... 'can you please get Tom a bowl of chili?' (I had to walk away I was so irritated)... -Talking to other department heads with authority and making important decisions without my okay. -Stating that our egg hunt should be held 'after Easter' next year so the weather may be better, even after I explained to her that the point in the egg hunt is for the kids to have fun & get excited about Easter. She has some excellent ideas, and I have to give her credit... she is working in LTC for the first time. I need to talk with her soon before I hire another assistant... I just don't want her to think she's running the show when my 2nd assistant starts.. I guess I'm just having a difficult time being 'the boss' and need some advice! I'm taking MEPAP2 right now which is very much focused on management styles, so I think that will help, too! Thanks for reading this ramble! , Kelly
  4. I would really like to do something extra special for St. Patrick's Day this year! But with Easter & St. Patty's in the same month, I'm going to need to be thrifty. Our V-Day party was nice, but it was very low-key, and we just had music, food & prizes, and a door prize drawing for a V-Day basket (we made $132 in 24 hours! YAY!)... but I'm looking to do something a little more extravagant we can invite the families to for St. Patrick's Day! Also, what are you planning for Easter? I'm thinking of an Easter Parade where we invite children in their Easter Outfits to parade around the facility along with their parents... I don't know?? Just brain storming. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. TX! Kelly
  5. We also offer a cart with independent activites (wordsearch puzzles, books, magazines, catalogs, card games, board games & puzzles). The residents enjoy this & I try to change the items & reading material often, so they have lots of options! I have also started asking the residents to help lead activity groups. One of our ladies LOVES arts & crafts, so she is going to lead a group painting suncatchers next week. One of our ambulatory residents enjoys folding laundry, so she helps the laundry department. We have our usual group activities. I try to invite everyone to 'news & brews', our coffee shop every morning. It starts the day out on a positive note for them (today we did Mad Libs... they loved it!) and they tend to participate in more activities throughout the day! I hope this helps! Kelly:)
  6. Since leap year is the time a woman can propose marriage, how about attemping to make a wedding cake? Maybe bring in a local culinary student to help, or a local baker to teach the class? Or maybe a frog cake??? Something else to consider is to make an 'all green' meal??? I hope this helps! Kelly:)
  7. Hi! I came from Assisted Living also, so I feel your pain:) You will get in the groove... don't worry! As everyone mentioned above, your MDS coordinator should give you a calendar each month listing the residents who are due for a quarterly or annual review. Our quarterly reviews are a narrative and our annual review is a 3-page assessment & narrative. This varies from facility to facility. I know the paperwork seems overwhelming! It is SOOOO different than ALF. I've been at the nursing home 3 months now, and I am still adjusting. Maybe set up a meeting with your administrator if he/she is approachable, and/or your MDS coordinator. Our Social Worker is also a huge help to me... I also try to attend all care plan meetings... this will ensure you are up-to-date on your charting. As for daily participation in activities, that is a lot different than ALF also. I always just had to chart by expection at the ALF. At my LTC we chart daily on the residents' activity. At the beginning of each month I make a copy of the activity calendar with an individual/1:1 activity record on the back for each resident. I place them all in binders by room number (we have 4 halls, so I use 4 small binders) and each day I go through each book and highlight the activities the resident attended, the activities the resident refused and the activities the resident was unavailable for. I have them color-coded. I then flip the page over, and if the resident had a 1:1 visit or was working independently on something I list that information there. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help if I can! Kelly:)
  8. Hi there! I hope things have improved some since you last posted. I am in the exact same position. I have basically no help right now, and although I have hired two assistants (one full time and one part time) it is absolutely impossible to get everything done from day to day. We have a rehab until and it is all I can do to get the initial assessments done (we have new admits almost daily), get the annual & quarterly assessments done, do the activities, plan next month's calandar, get our monthly newsletter in the mail on time, etc, etc, etc... it's never ending, but I have decided not to give up... it has to get better, right? One thing I have been doing is asking for help. I normally don't do a lot of this, but lately I have just had to. We're due for State to come in for our suvey any time now, and realizing there is no way I'm going to get it all done, I have asked our Administrator for help from other departments. For example, next week I'm going to an Activity Conference for 2 days and they are going to pull some of the girls from housekeeping to help with activities. Also, if you have helpful family members, ask them to call Bingo, help round up residents, etc. Some of our family members are my saving grace. We have a 'hiring' process Volunteers have to go through, so that makes it a little tougher at our place. Another very important part of my job is keeping in very close contact with the other department heads. We have 2 previous ADs in our building, so I will ask them for help, I attend our morning stand-up meeting, I talk with our Administrator when I'm frustrated (we chat often:) ), I keep in extremely close contact with our Social Worker, because she & I have similar goals, I attend all Care Plan meetings if at all possible (built-in one on ones!), I offer more activities the residents can initiate on their own (card games, reminiscing 1:1s, etc.) and I try to go into work every day with a fresh perspective. This is not easy. I don't think even a fully-staffed activity department would be easy. I think you will be okay. I think pulling your site surveys to see what your facility's deficiencies have been over the past few years may make a difference for you. Maybe if the 'higher-ups' realize a pattern, they will be more willing to help you out. Email me anytime if you want to vent:) Kelly
  9. Hi Everyone! I am currently in the MEPAP1 class and plan to start the MEPAP2 class in March. My ultimate goal is to get my Rec Therapist degree, but there are no colleges close to me who offer it. I was wondering if anyone has a degree in Rec Therapy, what you think of the field, and if you know of any online courses that are organized well, and do-able! I would prefer a classroom setting, but I'm thinking it's not going to be possible to go that route. Thanks for any info! Kelly:)
  10. Hi Everyone! My Administrator has asked me to start having a group activity every day right before lunch. We have 2 lunch seatings. The first group are the dependent diners, and the second group are the residents who need minimal help. They tend to sit outside of the dining room for 30-45 minutes before they can go into lunch... and they are all congregating in the front lobby... it just doesn't look good. I am at a loss what to do for them at this time. A lot of them love the Price is Right, which is always on in the lobby, so I don't want to do a sing-a-long or something like that, because we have a few residents who aren't too happy when they can't hear their 'program' Any suggestions for this pre-lunch activity would be greatly appreciated. Kelly:)
  11. Long-term Care/Rehabilitation facility in Marion, Ohio looking for an Actiivty Assistant to work 30 hours per week. Schedule will vary, and includes day, evening & weekend hours, every other weekend rotation. Will work with residents in a group setting as well as 1:1 interaction. Some charting required. Experience in the activity field preferred, but will train the right person. Pay is based on experience. If interested contact Kelly at Kellbell68@hotmail.com.
  12. Hi! I know it seems like activity jobs are few & far between, but you will find one:) I'll tell you my story... I was very frustrated with my previous job and put in my 2-week notice. My goal was to find a job in activities within a week so I wouldn't run out of money right before the holidays:). I applied at every nursing home, rehab center, assisted living, etc... even if they weren't hiring. I went to apply for an activity assistant position (although I really wanted a director job, they only had posted an assistant position) that was in the paper and online. I turned in my app, and they seemed very interested, but I was hesitant because it wasn't full-time. I had heard that their AD was new and wonderful, so I figured it would still be a good oppertunity. A couple of days after I turned in my application, the administrator called me and told me she had heard through the grapevine that the assisted living I had previously worked for had 'lost' their AD and she was very interested in hiring me. I went the next morning for my interview and found out the new AD had put in his notice. So I got the AD job!!! There is often a quick turnover in activities, so I'd apply everywhere you can think of. They will call! I've had 2 more calls since I took my new job for interviews for activity jobs! If you live in Ohio, I can give you the names of a couple of places that are hiring:) I wish you luck! Kelly:)
  13. Hi! I'm sorry you are going through this... I have been through it, too, and live to tell about it:) At the last facility I worked for, I was the Life Enrichment Coordinator, as well as the Administrator's Assistant. The Administrator was very, very young (23 to be exact) and was terrible with me (which got to me even more because I was older than her;). I worked so hard to turn the activity department into a wonderful program for the residents, and received absolutely no credit. It was very hard working so closely with her, knowing that she was being very unethical and terrible to her employees. If you are feeling this way now, I'd start looking. Once you are at the point you are at (I was at the exact same point... upset & angry constantly), there is really no going back. The AD probably isn't going to change and although I know you love the residents and they love you, you have to do this for yourself. It is one thing to be burned out on the AD or the facility, but don't let her burn you out on the entire profession. All directors aren't like yours (trust me!) and although activities seem to be very under-rated everywhere, you being treated the way you are is unacceptable. I would definitely talk to your administrator about this. The AD is just going to keep running people off if they keep her. Feel free to send me a message anytime. I have been in the boat you are in and understand the frustration you are feeling. Take care! Kelly:)
  14. Hi Everyone! I am new to this website. I am currently over on activitydirector.org taking the MEPAP1 class. Just a little background on me... I started my career in activities in mental health. I was the AD at a mental health facility 6 years ago, and absolutely loved it! Management was bad, the pay was terrible and eventually I left for another job. I was then working at an assisted living community as the Life Enrichment Coordinator. My goal was to become certified as an AD and then to continue on to get my rec therapy degree. That is still my goal. Anyway, the assisted living wasn't quite what I wanted, so I am now working as the AD at a 100 bed LTC/Rehab facility. I came into my new position with no help. The AD had quit and the assistants had both went back on the floor as aides. The Administrator is wonderful, but the rest of the staff seems to be very anti-activities. I'm not sure what to do. I have just hired a new full-time assistant and can hire one more full-time person. This will help with the resident's complaints that there are not enough evening and weekend activities, but the other staff (aides, etc.) are just not willing to help. Do any of you have any suggestions on how I can make the staff realize that activities are very important, and that as activity professionals, we don't just goof off and play bingo? They see me doing paperwork, but I feel like I am constantly sticking up for activities and myself. There is just no respect between the nursing staff and activities. I just don't want to get to that burn-out point. I was thinking of leading an in-service for the entire staff, but I'm not sure how much good it will do. I have also been doing fun things to boost staff morale, but the staff just isn't 'biting'. We are having a cookie exchange tomorrow, and out of 70+ employees, only 3 employees have signed up. I am very friendly and upbeat (which I have been told annoys some staff), and am working on my assertive-ness:) It is my one major downfall... I am a people pleaser, and working hard to be more assertive, but still likable. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Kelly:)
  15. Hi! I haven't been working at my facility very long, but we have had two fundraisers so far, and we have one planned for January. The residents made a quilt and we raffled it off. It only sold for $70, but because we used donated fabrics, it was 100% profit. We also had a craft show a couple of weeks ago. Each vendor had to give the Activity Department 10% of their profits, and we also sold items the residents had made, which was 100% proft. Vendors sold Christmas items, food items (fudge, cookies, etc.), candles and lots of other homemade items. We also served food and charged $3 per plate. One other fundraiser the Activity Department had before I started working for them was selling buckeye necklaces (we're in Ohio). This money went to our men's club (The Top Hats). The men made the necklaces with the help of the Activity Department, and they raised $140!!! They are using their money to make the resident's Christmas Party extra special this year!!! We called our local radio station and they announced that our facility was looking for books and magazines. We received TONS of books and mags, so in January, we will be having a book sale. I really like the Chinese auction idea! We will have to do that!!! Sometimes the extra work put into these fundraisers is well worth the time & effort! Kelly:)
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