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  1. Here are a few websites with some classics from the 20s. Hope this helps. http://www.geocities.com/paris/cafe/8636/songs.html This is a HUGE list! http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/Classi...the-20s/3865461 http://www.classicsonline.com/catalogue/pr...aspx?pid=838654 Singin' In the Rain (thought that was newer, but they might know it) Hope that helps! -Amy
  2. Hi all! Just got an email from Pennie. She said it was okay to post! Thanks! I'm doing this research for myself and have thought about writing something to help people know what to expect while transitioning to a nursing home. Don't know if that will all pan out or not, but wanted to see what you all thought. I know with our family it was hard to know when to do that, and then once we decided, knowing what to look for and how to choose was a difficult decision. I have had 3 of my grandparents in nursing homes now, and each experience was different. None bad, but they all varied. I think the Activity Director can really make or break your time at a facility. Your jobs help to create the general atmosphere in the whole place! If you have lots of uplifting things going on, everyone feels it! Thanks for what you do! If anyone has thoughts on my questions I'd love to hear them! 1- What are the top things you think people should look for in a nursing home? 2- What advice would you give families when they place their loved ones? 3- What do you think should be THE top factor in choosing a facility? 4- Anything else that you wish first timers knew before placing someone? Thanks! -Amy
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    Another question. Has anyone been certified in the Eden Alternative? Is this program worth it? Good? http://www.edenalt.com/ Thanks Amy
  4. I was wondering if anyone here can help me? I'm doing some research about nursing homes and would like input from some ADs. Here are the questions I have: 1- What are the top things you think people should look for in a nursing home? 2- What advice would you give families when they place their loved ones? 3- What do you think should be THE top factor in choosing a facility? 4- Anything else that you wish first timers knew before placing someone? If anyone could answer these questions for me I would greatly appreciate it! Don't feel like you have to give paragraphs or even complete sentence answers. If you would like to, great!! But simple one word answers work too! You can email them to me at amy@amyready.com Thank you so much! -Amy PS If I have somehow broken board rules by posting here, please let me know and I will remove the post. Thanks!
  5. It seems like anytime I have needed something all you have to do is ask. It is amazing what local businesses and people will do to help out if you just ask. Another idea would be to search out local sororities or fraternities to see if they can help. There are more than just college sororities and fraternities, but there are a TON of philanthropic ones set up. Here is an example http://www.thetaepsilon.com/ Search for ones like this, and others that are more local to your area. They are always willing to help out, and can be a great resource if they can't. The best way to solicit I have found is to start with a letter explaining what you need, how much, and why you need it. Make sure at the end of the letter you give them a way to take action. For instance, a "please call me at ..." or something like that. Then about a 4-7 days after you send it out make sure to make a follow up call. It will be easy to start the conversation because you already have the letter to talk about. Most people are too busy, and just won't call back or make the effort. But if you call them, they are likely to help out. If you send it to a sorority or fraternity, I'd wait a little longer to call, because some of them only hold a meeting once a month. You will be amazed at 1- Who you can find to help with your facility, and 2- How many people are willing to help. If you contact smaller organizations and businesses you will likely get a better response. Trying Walmart is good too, but they get so many requests per year, that if they have already reached their budget they won't be able to donate. Hope that helps- Amy http://thealist.squarespace.com
  6. I agree that it is probably pretty difficult to figure out what to do with residents who don't feel well, and need down time. I like the cart idea, but that would also require wiping it down and disinfecting it before moving it to another room. The flu makes people feel so bad, I'm not sure they would feel like much more than listening to tapes, or a quick visit. I do understand that your director wants you to not ignore them (which I know you wouldn't) but when I'm sick the last thing I would want is activity. Let us know what you come up with. -Amy http://thealist.squarespace.com
  7. Welcome to the group! There is a lot of great information on this site, and from the people who post here. I find it to be a great resource! -Amy http://thealist.squarespace.com
  8. Hi! I agree, phillanthropy is a great way to get residents involved! I would also suggest you look into Never Too Late. They grant wishes for the elderly. http://www.nevertoolate.org It might be fun for them to think of something they would like to do, but have not gotten the chance to do yet. They have a form on their site that you can fill out. You could also come up with a list of local places to call to give a talk to your residents. Most would come for free, so it won't be a hit on your budget. Examples: Gardening shop (to talk about horticulture); Pilots (to speak about their airplanes); Local Comedians or Musicians (to play or speak); Yoga (do a session); Pampered Chef (create a meal); Creative Memories Consultant (create cards, or talk about scrapbooking); Teachers (maybe a foreign language teacher could speak about their country of interest) Really anyone local that might be able to do a talk. You might also try to do a game show type activity. Guess the price of an item (like The Price is Right), This is Your Life, or Deal or No Deal. Call a local school and see if they would like to have a pen pal program with your residents. Just a once a month note that they could get. Hope some of these help. -Amy https://thealist.squarespace.com
  9. Hi! I am new to this site. I run a website for activity directors, called 'The A List'. It is a place to get ideas about activities, crafts and more. I have just moved it to a new location, https://thealist.squarespace.com I used to run a site called A Friendly Word. It was a place that you could get a pen pal for nursing home residents. Maybe some of you remember me from that. I unfortunately had to close that site, since we were moving and I had just had another baby. I just wanted to introduce myself to the group.
  10. Has anyone else used plants as an activity? I am writing an article about it and would like to use some quotes on how it has directly benefited people at your facility. Thanks! http://activitydirector.wordpress.com/
  11. I am looking for some articles on Activities for Nursing Home Residents. If anyone is interested in submitting an article for review, please go to http://activitydirector.wordpress.com The articles we are looking for are about anything related to the Activity Director field. They don't have to be long, and will be used in a blog for our website. If you or someone you know would like to do this, or has a question, please email me at activityidea@gmail.com
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