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  1. Hi, I am new to the field. I have spent 20 years in The Child Developement field. I have owned and Directed a Childcare Center and worked in every aspect of childcare. After 20 years I got burned out. Anyone been ther? Ha! Ha! Anyway for 2 years I pretty much just stayed home. Took some computer courses, join a quilt class and join the Quilt Guild. Spent alot of time with my grandkids. Then I started to do research in the medical field. Physical Therapy, medical assistant, CNa etc. My hubby came across the AD course and brought to my attention. So, I called around and asked questions. What did I hear? Well, working with children is also like working with seniors. They go full circle back to thier child like state. So, after alot of prayer I decided to take the course. I have now been doing it for a Year. I work in a 170 bed long - term care unit. I work parttime and am an Assistant. I did not realize all the paperwork that you have to do until I took the class. So as of right now I do not know if I want work in a nursing home or go to assisted living. I volunteer at other homes on my days off. I find that I enjoy the assisted living alot more than the nursing home. I also like being an assistant. I am glad I came across this site. I know there are alot of you that can give us newbies guidance and good info. Have a bless day!
  2. Would your company be interested in hiring a husband and wife team for the Activity postion. My husband is retired from the A.F. and I am qualified through the state of TX. as an A.D. I also have 13 years in management. Thank-you.
  3. Hi, I am looking for an asst. AD for Assistant Living or Nursing Home in Tyler, TX. If anyone knows of anyone hiring they can call me at 903-533-9901. Thanks. Faithbygrace
  4. Hi I am new at this and I was wondering if anyone could fax me a mock budget for a year, a quality assurance form,a policy/procedure for the activity department and how you carry it out. I am going to school and these are some of the things I need for class. I hav eno ideal what these are or how to do them. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!!
  5. Hi everyone! It sounds like everyone has their share od AD blues. Since I am new in the field I can only give advice from my old career field. Which was Early Childhood Development. Owning and Directing for 13 years and being in the business for 22. The one thing I found out was Time Management plays an important role in how successful you do your job. I took many classes on Time Management and still take them when I find them. Everyone has their techniques on Time Management. I have learn from all the ones that I have taken. How I use to get my teachers to do what I needed them to do. I would make a contest out of it or award them. Have each Nurse Station compete with each other in who gets the most residents down to activities. The one who wins gets pizza for lunch, a cake or something. I made my teachers feel important. AD need to make the CNAs feel important. I have found out that alot of CNAs do not think their job is important, they are "just" a CNA. I would make sure I compliment the ones that DO help. Treat them to a little gift. I get alot of chapstick, lotions, etc. from Avon when it is on sale. It saves me from burning up gas looking for stuff. Invest a little time, praise or monies in the CNAs and you might get more help than you need. Hope this helps...
  6. Hi, Since I am new to the field I am always looking for help! I would also like to get copies of your forms. My e-mail is yahwehisagape@yahoo.com Thanks a Bunch!
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    Hi, I am new here. Actually new to the career field. I am currently taking the AD Advance Management class. I have 22 years in Early Childhood Developement. Thirteen of those years I own and Directed. I have plenty experience in planning activities. I got burned out in the ECE. After two years not working I decided to go into this career field. I believe God is directing me to go into this field. I have always like being around Seniors and I love helping people. I volunteer at 2 Homes. Working with children is almost like working with Seniors. I think this sight is awesome! I know when I do find a Home that this sight will very useful. Infact I am finding it useful right now. I expect to learn alot here. Hope everyone has a Bless Day!
  8. Hi, Heather. I wanted to know how far is Plano from Tyler, TX. I am in the AD Advance Management class at this time. I am new to the field of AD, but I have 22 years in Early Childhood Development and for 13 years I own and Directed my own Center. I am looking for a job in the Tyler area or else where depending on the distance. I am looking for an Assitant or AD position. I volunteer locally at two centers at this time. Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone! I am new here and to being an AD. I live in East TX. I am looking forward in learning and meeting other AD's. At this time I do not have my own home, but I am volunteering at numerous homes. Hope to make some new friends!
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