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    They have a group here in Florida called "Project Pup"
  2. We are having our Winter Blues Party this Friday. I have a Cake with Blue Frosting, Blue Drink, I am going to Play Blues Music, We have Blue and White Tableclothes We have white snow flakes hanging from the cealing. We don,t have snow here so we are going to talk about wintertinme memories this month. Today we had a Suzie Snowflake Tea. January is National Soup month so we are going to cook soup we are also having a can goods drive for a soup kitchen. Book Review, :-)
  3. I would have an Activcity Room for the residents I work with :-)
  4. I am a new AD at a Nursing Home and I was wondering what you all do to make sure all residents get a Christmas Present on Christmas. Also do you find yourself worrying about it before then? Our facility does nothing for the residents except give them a Holiday dinner in mid December. This gets me because this is a Non Profit Church Organization. Help me here. :cry:
  5. What happened to the come and visit letter written in Ann Landers or Dear Abby a few years back Please Post again. I would like to send it to the editor of the News Paper here. Thanks :-)
  6. I work M-F at a Skilled Nursing Facility and no one covers the weekends they have one volunteer who comes in on Saturday morning to call Bingo. Thats all. I come in on Monday morning and no one wants to do any thing or I realy have to push the residents to do anything. They are just not interested. :-? This is getting old real fast. :-( Also the resident interest forms in their charts don't help me much at all. :roll: I want to offer programs that they will be interested in attending but I don't have enough info on their past leisure interests. :roll: How do I get this info? Thanks to anyone who can help me on this one.
  7. I come to this site daily and I need Ideas for the upcomming Holiday season. This is a free site for idea exchanges and no one seems to respond.. Also Thank you to the person who runs this site. I missed you a couple weeks ago when you were down for some reason. I love this site and I visity Daily. :-)
  8. We are thinking of ideas to have more group partisipation at our Friday social hour, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  9. I need ideas for christmas programing to put on the calendar. Any idas would be appreciated I know it is Nov. 1st but I am already working on my December Calendar Thanks all
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