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  1. i dont understand your response to my post..if anything that is what i was saying some quiet and rest time with individualised activities to suit them. note the 1:1 interventions which still allow contact with the residents who are isolated. i do not think it fitting to ignore them. i did not say anything about putting them all together..? ( shaking my head)
  2. not too sure i explained that clearly. i am looking for prompts as in Resident has enjoyed crafts and gardening in the past. unable to participate now due to stroke. so the interventions would be..>............................................................................. ........... those kind of prompts./ thanks
  3. i am sure i found on here before some care planning prompts and suggestions however when i come to the care planning section it says there are no threads of any type? any help most appreciated...
  4. if your adminstrator thinks things should be different, what expectations do they have.? you could still make contact with the resident on a normal daily basis. see if they require reading material, music, or just some one : one intervention time to help reduce risk of isolation and boredom which can then lead to other issues of depression etc. maybe a volunteer could visit with them.
  5. Hi there ..thank you for your reply. yes i would hope we would all be part of the team and have some input and autonomy to be creative. i dont' think i could do it i wasn't able to expressive within my role. i have 10 years experience..and wonder if i am taking a step back..within my career...but then again..maybe it will be a step forward. only time will tell..
  6. hello i have an interview today for an assistants position. it is in Canada and will be very different for me because i have always co-ordinated my department ordinarily. What is the difference in being an assistant to a director..? obviously i know it from the point of view of responsibility etc. however i have always very much listened to the other memebers on the activity team when it comes to setting the programmes and given them freedom within activites. for example of craft day ..they have the choice of crafts they would like to be doing or places to go for bus trips. ( however this was also in another country) can i expect it to be like that as an assistant myself. here in Canada..? i will be starting as a casual but i am told the casuals are getting more work than they can cope with. any insights greatly appreciated....
  7. You all share some realy great ideas!! i love the R O M E O idea. 8-) today i am doing my first true mens group called Handy Tasks in my new facility- i am now working in a men dominated dementia unit. very challenging as not many are high functioning at all and i am being challenged by most staff from all angles. Oh they couldn't do that and they wouldn't like that etc etc ....geez..tis like they just want them to just sit and do nothing ..well actualy that is how it is.!! so today is crafts day and i am going to try the sanding the wood coathangers idea ..but they may turn into wind chimes with shells something like that ..we will see how it pans out. so please wish me luck.. ;-) .whilst i dont' need it with the residents so much. i need it with the staff!!!! am hoping that through this activity it will help to validate the residents are capable to do some things. :-D i also have 2 new residents that are a lot younger than the others. and a little more with it. so that has changed the mix and is opening the opportunites up for a scope of new activities. will keep popping back to get some of those cos i sure could use em!..
  8. ahh just did a google search i see what you are talkign about now. i am pleased to say that in Australia about 6 or so years ago they brought in an accreditation process and through that process a set of guidelines were devised to adhere to within aged care facilities. if you dont' comply you close down. and many many have! and i say Thank God for that. they were nothing but shower eat bed shower eat bed facilities. Through the guidelines that came forth there was a lot of work and changes that had to put in place. Much like what the culture change web site talks about. a HOME like environment. People treated as individuals not as one huge group all eat the same and have the same routines etc. however each home in itself does have a culture and celebrations in their own style. i have just started employment in a dementia specific unit and i am facing the challenge of assisting to change a culture created by some long term staff that negates the residents rights etc because of the perception held toward them. not an easy task and i am sure most of you can relate to that.
  9. hmm am not realy sure what you all mean by culture change.??? in australia for several years now i have been working with multiculturism. We have community visitor programmes whereby volunteer visitors through The Multicultural Societys are matched up with a resident of same nationality ( if they want to be involved of course) they are able to then continue converse and have letters read to them etc in their own language. Also we have communication scripts which are in a variety language ( and if we dont' have it we find it) with pictures and english translation for staff. We plan and organise special theme days to celebrate customs and important days for them..that is IF they celebrate them and want to continue with their personal practises and celebrations. No point organising say Christmas if there were no christians and no one celebrated ( as an example) -meals are also organised to reflect the individual taste. in australia it is a bit of a custom for Friday afternoon ( end of the working week) to have a few drinks with friends etc especialy the men of the times gone past. so a lot of facilities organise a Happy Hour for the end of the week or even the month to continue with that custom. i read on one of the posts here about pets..?? We also have pet therapists available that visit about once a month or every two weeks for a low cost (donation) always extremely popular! good luck...will be popping back in to get some ideas sounds great.
  10. you are right it isn't much..you deserve so much more. i hope you get it
  11. i live in australia here we are paid under the charitable award. i am in my eighth year and earn $15.57 an hr. my working title is Recreational Activity Officer. sounds about eqal to what you classify as an assistant.
  12. hello! that is wonderful you bring them to this....there is so much available now!! i use a variety of music depending on what appeals to the person. flutes harp classical even the new age music is all wonderful. well in my experience. dolphin music, sound sof the amazaon etc etc ...i even have a group of residents that enjoy listening to Loreena Mckennit she is a celtic songstress and enya... i believe they are enjoying the soothing atmosphere this music creates one to one music is played in residents rooms who are perhaps unable to attend activities (frail etc) i write it on their activity plan. group relaxation music is played mainly in the afternoon. i myself dont' like noisy sing a long music at home 24/7 and neither do they i am sure...i think of it as morning music. midday music afternoon music. which type of music is appropriate.? wakening kind of music to get them stimulated for the day....midday type of music midday time to keep alert and interested in the day and then afternoon relaxing music to help relax. PS and i find most of the staff enjoy it too. and so do i!
  13. The Sonas Programme. this would have to be the most successful programme i have ever used for dementia residents. they loved it and so did the staff and families. Particularly at one place i worked at it was so successful that it reduced afternoon behaviours significantly and even drs were commenting on how they were giving less medications for those types of behaviours! point of note here. this programme was more so developed for the mornings however i found it successful for afternoons. would not use it tho if we had a concert on that day etc. it is all about knowing the residents and not over stimulating *S*
  14. Hi ~Tinki~..thank you so much for your reply..most appreciated!! i went to the site you suggested but i am not a member. so thank you for posting here for me.. will let you know how i go ~*S*~
  15. Hi everyone..i am sending out a call for some help!.. i have taken a new position in a dementia unit. not able to communicate in the usual fashion etc you know the drill. so am thinking on the sensory programmes. Was wondering if anyone would like to share their trusty aroma blends etc. i have a certificate in aromatherapy etc etc and have been involved in research studies etc but it has been a while since i have used it. We have all the proceedures in place and there are some blends and recipes there but nothing compares to experience and you guys sure have that! ( i just need a little boost in confidence if that makes sense) i'd particularly love to hear of some foot spa blends and some anti- anxiety and relaxation blends. THANKS heaps and heaps~~~~~~~~~~~ PS i am in Australia tho we do have the same oils etc here *Grin* 8-)
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