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  1. Try going to your boss and let her say something to the DON. This way it looks like it's comming from the E.D and it may make it better for you. We have that sometimes where I work and If needed let the family go to D.O.N and tell her what is going on. We have done that before, we have had a meeting with family so they can talk about how they feel and go over any problems they may be having. Do it just like a Resident council meeting and send a copy to all department heads so it can address. We have the D.O.N & the E.D talk with the family if need. I hope this helps
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    I've tryed everything from food to asking each staff member to please help out I've even offered gifts to the one with the most fun money for the month for everytime they got a resident that was on the one-to-one list out of room and they attended a activity they would get $5.00 in fun money for every resident that was'nt on the list but got them to come to the activity they would get $2.00 in fun mone. All I got was it's not my job, when I tryed to let them know it was part of there job under the new guidelines for activities that we all work as a team to make sure we meet the needs of all the residents. I was able to get two what can I do to get the staff to understand. I don't want to get a F248 or F249 Tag can someone help me on this one.
  3. I understand what cathy is going through When I started my job before this one they did not tell me that the old AD was still working in activities as my assist. I was so mad when she told me who she was. I went to my boss and asked why didn't you tell me about all this. All she said was I new you could do the job and be able to look past it. I was at that job for 4 years. But for my assist she was fired 6 months after i started. Then after 4 years I was told i wasnt working with others and she fired me. But not before I made a phone call to her boss, boy did it feel good. The new AD is'nt working out like they hope she would she was a friend of the boss. Know they both are on a 30 day. By the big boss No it's not right what was done to me but it made me find the job I have know and I make $5.00 more on the hour, I look at each day as if it is going to be my last day. By doing that I give 110% every day to my residents. It's ok to have bad days we all do. Just keep one thing in mind we are there for the residents to make them happy and want to come to activities. We all need help from the staff but will we get it maybe some day. We just need to keep trying our best to make the changes a little each day. One day everyone will be on the same team. Residents first paper work second. You will find the time to do both just hang in there. I did and I'm going into my 7 year as a AD and have went back to school. You can do it
  4. Thank u Tiff u said it all. If I wasn't a AD I would like to be a Sec.Ser.Dir / Assist I feel that they both go hand-in-hand I was a C.N.A for over 10 years in activities know for 6 years I love what I do but feel like I need to do more with helping others that is new to show that we all work together and we our like a family. I would love to go to others places and help with the activity department that is my goal in the next 2 years. :-D
  5. We have evening activities 2x per week. We have someone that does every Monday night and an other comes in one x per month. for the rest of them we ask the residents what would be the lasted you would want to come to activities and about 60 % of them said we would like to have one about 5:00 or 5:30 but no later than 6pm. So what we do is News in the activity room on the big TV so the ones that don't have TV can watch the News. Nail time, Table Talk, Dinner Music in the Main Dining Room. This is some of things that the residents have ask us to do for them. We are done by 6pm on the nights we do the activity and some times we can get the staff or a resident to help out so we don't have to stay. So try asking your residents what they want at your next Res. Council Meeting and that way you have it in your notes what they want.
  6. I voted for " In Honor" why because it shows TEAMWORK and it gets everyone Involved and that is waht it all about. Getting everyone to work together.
  7. Hi, You can do a lot of things. 1. First ask your facility for some T-Shirts, Bags, Coffee Cups anything with your name on it, give that out for gifts. 2. Do a Bingo with Popcorn and cokes give out gifts like Bath Stuff, stuff others have donatied that your residents can't have or use. 3. Send letters to store's asking for Items that you can give out for gifts. If you have a wal-mart you can call or write they will give up to 25.00 so will Kroger. 4. Ask the resients to help make something really nice to give out. Bake cookies. Get the staff to help by giving items most staff should help. 5. Have a Taco Bar ask all department heads to bring in one or two items that you will need and then sale 2 Taco's or Taco salad for 3.00 it should gp over really good. we did one and made 450.00 off one. I wish you luck!!! :-D from Robin you may E-Mail me at any time. act.4life@yahoo.com
  8. Hi, my name is Robin, I'm from Corydon In i have a son and a Daughter, been married for 20 years to the same man.I love Animals we have 4 dogs and 6 cats. I was a CNA for 14 years before going into Activities. I was a Activity Aide for one year, then Activity Director for 5 years 6 months. I love my Job. When you can get up and be happy about going to work then you know your doing the right job. I'm wanting to do more to help others in Activities and looking for all the classes i can to learn everything about my job. I just want to say that this web. is the BEST, it's nice to know we the Activity Directors has this to come to and be able to read what others have to say, when they need help with something. It's Great Thank you so very much!!! Robin
  9. You can always fine things for Volunteers to do. Most Volunteers just want to help out. Ask if they would help in the Dining room, Outside, housekeepers and Paper work for all Departments. So if you don't have anything for them in Activities Look at what they can do for other departments. You will make everyone happy. Hope this helps you out Robin
  10. Hi, What I've done is have a Taco Bar all staff, family paid $4.00 a plate. You have all department hands get one or two things off your list. that way you dont have to put out any money to make money. Also make up a easter basket in 3 diff. sizes and have staff, family and friends pay $5.00 for a small one $10.00 for a med. one and $15.00 for big one. Then write or stop by all stores in your area and hav them give you the stuff to make them up. put it in your newsletter asking for all the styff you will need and ask the staff to bring in bags of candy, toys, small gifts to help. I did this 3 years ago and made $800.00 after what i had to go get. On the taco bar we made $475.00. Have the residents make something and the put it up for sale.
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