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  1. We sold singing telegrams, carnations, and balloon bouquets for valentines..staff, residents, families, childcare..everyone ordered and participated. We raise $1,000.00 for the Alzheimer's Walk denese
  2. How many out there write their own activity care plans? or does nursing do it? Thanks Denese Midland Texas
  3. On an initial assessment how do you guys complete Section N of the MDS for change in Extent of Activities Involvement. To me when a resident comes from a home setting this should reflect a major change. However, that does not seem to be what the MDS info indicates. Please give me some feedback on what you do!!! Denese Truitt Midland Texas
  4. I am an other..Bachelors Degree in Sociology..taken both MEEAP courses but not certified yet Denese Truitt Manor Park Midland, Texas
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