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  1. I work for memory care unit and make 15.52 and am certified for skilled as well.
  2. Hey all I work in a Memory Care unit but I also help out in our other units as well ILU, ALU, SNF. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!! Alan
  3. Hello everyone. I work for a memory care unit and we like to try different things but we keep some of the same activities every month. We would like some different ideas about activities that have been successful or not so successful. I just like to try new things. Thanks for any and all replies. Alan
  4. Vanessa. I have that specific cookbook. I took it to work but in the next few days I will get you the info. I used it when I was working in a SNF, but I now work in a Memory Care unit and we haven't tried it yet. If you e-mail me I will get you the info.My address is alan_asano@yahoo.com Take Care and I will get it to you soon. Alan
  5. Barbara. That really sucks that they did that to you. It is hard enough to find quality people in this Industry and I'm sure your program was great. I just recently left my job at a SNF to work for a Memory Care Unit because of my former Administrator. Good luck .I'm sure you will find something really soon. Alan
  6. hello barb. thanks for the reply. I would love more info on the boxes and any other ideas you or others may have. Can you send them to me at my e-mail address. It is alan_asano@yahoo.com Thanks, Alan
  7. Hello everyone. I just accepted a job being a Activity Director for a memory care unit. We have 4 levels of care ranging from Independent living to assisted living to memory care to skilled nursing. I was a Director for a skilled nursing facility. Does anybody have any ideas for me to try. All are alert and oriented but with alzheimers and /or dementia. Please send me a message on my inbox if you have any. Thanks for all your help. Alan
  8. Hey guys I'm not really feeling left out but really how come no responses????? Am I doing this right????? Hope everyone has a great evening Caio, Alan
  9. Welcome everyone from Alan in Sacramento, Ca. Hey tinki I can't seem to get any responses from anyone I open the shoutbox but never get any responses or I have e-mailed people but no responses, don't I have any friends out there Somebody please responds I'm feeling left out
  10. Hello kevin Try bingo bucks alot of AD's use them. It's play money and you will need to set up a store for them to purshase items from the store. I work in a snf and our residents shop every friday. Hope that helps Alan
  11. thanks for the reply rhonda. That idea sounds like fun also. I sure our residents would enjoy decorating ties as well. Hope all is well in Glenwood. Alan
  12. Hello all. I need some ideas for an Arts/Crafts project or other ideas for Fathers Day upcoming. What is everyone else doing????? I work in a snf with quite a bit of Alzheimers / Dementis residents so it can't be to challenging. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks, Alan
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