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  1. The facility that I work in now closes the department for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But every facility prior we were open. It is in the reg's that you must provide activities 5 days a week, weekend and some late night and even activities on the holiday.
  2. Well at my last facility I had a staff of 4 that worked 40 hours a week and 4 volunteers that worked monday thru friday 9am -5 pm (235 bed facility). Was able to get some done but not everything was done.
  3. At my nursing home we have a men's club and they play cards, listen to the blues and various other activities. Last month they went to hooters for lunch.
  4. I am trying to find out of anyone knows about a residents right's bingo. I work in a facility were the residents enjoy playing any type of bingo. I think that this one would be helpful to the both of us. Can any one help. :hammer:
  5. I know that I am so what late about asking about a copy of POLICY AND PROCEDURE. But if you could can you sendit edwinaflagg@yahoo.com
  6. I have an Associates in Liberal Arts and going back to complete my RN. But I started from being a Certified Nursing Assistant wanting to make my residents have fun.
  7. I am an activity director in the state of Michigan and with the cuts that the Governor has made with Medicaid and Medicare; I am forced to look at the staff with in my department and how to use them more effective. What I have come up with is the need of a good Volunteer Program so that I can free up my staff to do other things such as paper work! What could I do to get a good program started so that I can use volunteers to do some of the work that my staff is being buried in? HELP
  8. I have a young resident that is very busy in the building, he is very alert. I have been asked to find him something that he could daily or almost daily out side the building. The only thing that I can come up with is to send him to a near by college to take classes that he might enjoy. :-( Please help.
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