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  1. I to have a college degree. I have a BS in Exercise Science / Sports Medicine. I came to this feild through a long stroy that I will have to tell later.
  2. Youth ink those words were jokes? In Kentucky them all the words the doctors uses. :-D
  3. Within our facility their are a number of "relationships of love" sprouting up. But I know that with our facitility, when the family fills out the paperwork, there is a sheet that express that these things might ocurr. At that time, if it occurs, we contact the family and we make a choice per realtionship. I know that within our facility that there very functional realtionships that the families seem to be okay with. For most of the residents, it fills avoid that is in their lives. Becasue this void is filled they seem to have a better quality of life and isn't that what we are all about? A be
  4. All these are awesome ideas, I think I must just impliment a few of these in my facility. I just started working in the ALF field and have had the same problem with my guys. I have planned a trip to take the guys to Hooters to watch football on a Sunday real soon. :-D That might bring some involvment.
  5. :hammer: howdy everybody! I just found out about your site and thought I would give it a try. All I can say is WOW! This is definately something I needed and look forward to networking with all of you. I read about the other sites as well and look forward to trying them too. As the topic says I am brand spanking new to this career. My name is Jeremy, I am 25 and live in the Orlando area working at a residential ALF and Dementia House. Prior to this I worked for the YMCA as a Sports Director and my degree is in Sports Medicine / Recreation Mgmt. So needless to say this is a different speed for
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