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  1. Hi , I'm in Bedford, Virginia 120 bed facility here with three in the Dept. We are a Rehab and LTC facility. Been here four years and plan to stay. Patti
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    Hi Lauren, Welcome to Long Term Care! I have worked in camp settings and now with LTC for 3 years. Hang in there! It will come together since you administration is moving for Culture Change. It will indeed be a culture change for many! Try to set aside time weekly where you can help other departments and make it an activity such as: doing hair for residents as soon as they are ready in the morning. It will be a little TLC for the res and show nursing how activities can benefit them. Another "Camp" reminder is "pick up as you go". I go past soo much stuff on the floor - grab a glove, pop it on and scoop it up as you go past. It will be less Housekeeping has to do and keep floors clear/reduce falls. Keep your smile on...let them wonder. Patti
  3. Hi, I'm an Activity Assistant but I am involved in all areas of the department. We have not been through the State Inspection yet. We have changed our Assessments and now Care Plans include anything that is "Very Important" or "Can't Do" . In some cases we continue to be specific such as a reading goal. We document other activity heavily and discuss in the note. Patti
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