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  1. Loved the cart idea. I too would love a list of items you have and equally important to know what populations you are serving. I think that age, orientaion and functional level need to be considered when serrviing a group of residents with items. Our carts can only hold so much.
  2. Hi, I was going to offer the same help. We do enlarge the calenders for some of our visually impared residents who nee a much larger printed calendar to see! Steve
  3. Interesting that this poem crossed my path on this day. Many of the mentioned facets of our field have been directly in my face over the last week, especially as I contemplate and begin my new course. I really appreciated reading and coming across this! Steven Gegner
  4. Jenny, Thank you for a "Host" of information and ideas. We recently tried getting the "who, what, where & when" components from residents and creating improv stories to fit their offers. It went OK we will need some practice. Laughter abounded with us as well as residents!! Steve Gegner
  5. A few of our activity assistants have a slight background in plays (high school). We have just started trying out some improv activities with residents. We did a few "Whose Line is it Anyway examples. Have any of you used internal drama programming in a long term care facility. If so what have you attempted?
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