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  1. We have a new Director of Care. She wants the tiles on each entrance before each room iwith the persons name in Hostel to be removed and replace with something else. Showing the residents name. Any suggestions for me please? What do you use. Krysia (Based in Australia)
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    I am new to this site and find it very helpful. I work in both Nursing and Hostel for the aged in Sydney. Australia. This Christmas was extremely busy. I am on leave till 10th January. Looking forward to the year ahead with new ideas. All the best to you
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    Hello All

    I am also new to this site and find it very helpful. I found out about the \postcard club Residents made and sent Christmas cards to several facilities in the USA and Canada. This week they received a letter from Canada and were thrilled. Enjoy the silly season. Krysia
  4. Hi I have just started working my way through this site. I get paid through the charitable award in Australia. It would not help you. Hope you dont nide being my first contact.
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