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I was wondering what everyone uses to chart their 1:1 visits I haven't been able to find a form that works well. I need something to chart time, what was done and date. Any suggestions??? :-(

Thanks for you help-Nicole

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I have a nice form that I got from a book called, "The Album of Activity Policies & Procedures" by the Recreation Therapy Consultants. The form is for each individual resident - we made a couple of small modifications to it & it includes: date, length of visit, response by resident (no response, eye contact, etc.), comments, & a space for my staff to initial. At the top of the form, we included a place for a "goal" & it also specifies how many times a week 1 to 1's are provided. We really like this form & for my charting purposes, it tells me how the resident is responding during 1 to 1's w/ my staff. The book cost about $55, but I have used it sooo much in the past 5 years. It's really helpful. There is a website available: rec-theray.com

Stacie O.

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I use a form that sounds alot like the one described by Stacy. I made my up 10 or so years ago and it is really easy to use.

The top of the form has the res. name, CP goal, a place for the approaches, res. 1:1 day to be visited. I also use these for my In-Room Visits. each res. has their own page. The form is done in columns, working from left to right, the 1st column on the left is a place for date of visit., then next column is what was done during the visit, 3rd column is what was the res. response.

The entire page has lines so that you can write as much as needed in any of the columns. Then next time you visit you just start off with that date etc.. It is rare that you fill an entire page up in 30 days but if you do you can write on the back or start a second sheet. You can have the person sign at the end of each documented entry, if you wish.

I keep the current month in a binder, in another binder I have 3 months worth. Anything beyond that is filed in the res. file in act. office. You should keep current year of act. records for each res. in your office. After that we send ours to medical records to be filed and kept .

If a res. meets his/her goal and you are able to discharge them from 1:1's I write in yellow hi-lighter that res. D/Ced and the date. This must be documented in your activity progress notes & up date the CP if this happens before it is time to assessment them. Write the new plan & goal too. But you didn't ask about all of this did you, what can I say.

Hope you can understand the directions

:-? P :-)

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Hi there is a good multi-departmental form that we created. The form allows other employees in other departments to document any activities they observe or setup after hours or on weekends.

We kept a manila folder with forms taped to the back of the residents closet, we left some at the nurses station, front desk,  on the One:One Cart etc...

How often are 1:1's regulated for.. I dont believe that there is a Reg just for that. You should stop by and ask it your 1:1 residents need anything every day, You should probably spend activity time with each 1:1 resident, once or twice a month, if you work in a large population. Dont careplan yourself into a hole, You can always stop by more often if needed,

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