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I am a new AD my previous job was as an Ad for maternity leave all paperwork was pretty much done for me. I now have my first AD job and am in need of some help with paperwork. Upon admission I have my MDS as well as a 3 page assessment that my company has set up then a quarterly, there is no MDS for Q so do I just put in a progress note  significant change(resident no longer able to be res council pres) progress note then my annual I do an MDS as well as yearly am I correct? Plus I have residents that are under the age of 55 and there are different activity requirements and documentation for those residents, what is it?  HELP please!!!!! I am so lucky my facility census in 80 so I have a small amount of residents, I just need to get into the grove.

Thank you

Patty AD

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There is a book call Activity Director Bible.   I'm about to see if it's available it appears to have a lot of information....Did you take the MEPAP1 class? This class is alot of help.



Activity Director.org

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Patty put in progress notes as changes occur. Surveyors look at Admission and annual.  quarterlies are due upon facility policy but should still be done to reinforce document. The progress notes will help keep a track.


I learned this in class

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