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  1. I am a new AD my previous job was as an Ad for maternity leave all paperwork was pretty much done for me. I now have my first AD job and am in need of some help with paperwork. Upon admission I have my MDS as well as a 3 page assessment that my company has set up then a quarterly, there is no MDS for Q so do I just put in a progress note significant change(resident no longer able to be res council pres) progress note then my annual I do an MDS as well as yearly am I correct? Plus I have residents that are under the age of 55 and there are different activity requirements and documentation for
  2. Thanks for your help, I ended up doing something very similar. I had the residents go to the "Gold Country" it is about an hour and half from their facility everyone stayed in their own suite and went to dinner theater as well as a wine tasting/fruit and cheese on the way back. I thought it went well(the admin liked it). She said there would be a second interview but it has been 2 weeks !!!! Another note I just looked at my CEUS I am a mess. HELP Some one refresh my memory on the number of CEUS. I have 15 from August 2012 I need to get on the ball. Lots going on thanks for all the sup
  3. I need to come up with an overnight activity to present for a job interview I have no budget SKIES THE LIMIT EVERYONE IS AMBULATORY I live Ca 2 hrs from Sacramento Yosemite SF any ideas sitting in a van for 2 hours seems like a long drive but it is independent living. Please help
  4. I am in a brand new facility we do not even have our activity boards up on the walls yet. There are 2 "cottages" one assisted and one memory care. My admin wants a smaller type calendar with a homey feel. 16 residents in each cottage private pay pretty upscale. I have explained that the smaller you go the harder it is to read!(the days of the week) Any ideas for a medium size,I will move stuff around if need be. My last facility longterm was rather large calandar alone 5x3. HELP HELP HELP
  5. I am new to the activity field and need to update my resume to show that i am a certified activity director. Can anyone share thier resume with me as an example? Thank you
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