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Penny Ante


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We occasionally play the game Penny Ante, where the Residents are seated around a table. Each Resident is given ten pennies (poker chips) and there are pennies (poker chips) in the middle of the table for the "pot". We have a stack of cards with a question or instructions on them. Each resident takes a turn at answering the question or following the instructions on the card. At the end of the game, the residents with the most "pennies" get a prize from our prize cart (1st, 2nd, 3rd place).


We have used this game for years so the cards have been used over and over and I have made some cards of my own. I need help "your imagination" on creating some new cards to mix into our deck. Not only do we follow the instructions but we reminisce about what is on the card as well so it is a hilarious game listening to the residents responses.


Examples are: Give a penny to everyone who has ever gone skinny dipping. Take a penny from the pot if you have ever made soap. Shake hands with the person to your right and give them a penny. Give a penny to everyone who is wearing pantyhose. Take two pennies from the pot if you have ever been to the ocean. You get the idea. Traditional or silly questions both work for this game.


I need new topics to make new cards so we are not reminiscing about the same stuff over and over.


Thank you!


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Here are some ideas. ( I love the idea!)


Possible topics that maybe you can flesh out.


Where did you spend your honeymoon (Penny to each that went to Niagra Falls or stayed home)


Didn't wear white to wedding because of $


Married by court - justice of the peace not in a church




First ice cream cone


ever canned home grown food


First child born at home


Has a song that was theirs


Danced at their wedding


Remember stamps less than 10cents or cheapest movie cost


Went to a Worlds fair


First TV show they saw in color


First TV they saw


Married their husband before he went off to war


Lived on a farm


Maybe one about a product/invention (example garbage disdosal or dippity doo)


First plane trip (where to or maybe the size type of plane)


Maybe remember an advertising slogan or an actor


Built their own home

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Take two pennies from the pot if you have ever held your breath while driving past a cemetary.


Give one penny to the person on your left if you ever sang songs with your family on long car rides.

Take four pennies from the pot if you can sing one of the songs that you used to sing on those long car rides.


Give two pennies to the person on the right if you ever marched in a parade.


Give everyone a penny if you ever sneaked out of the house at night while your parents thought you were sleeping.


Take a penny from the pot if you've ever made a snow angel

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