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Snowball Tea


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Hey Gang.. Wanted to share with a wonderful program we hold every year called the snowball tea. I was introduced to this program years ago and my staff and residents look forward to it every year.


The Program is called.. The Snowball Tea.. Or you can do the Winter Tea.. Whatever your heart desires..


A few weeks prior to the Tea I pass out one invitation to selected residents. Along with their invitation their are given an invitiation to invite a staff member, family member or other.


We have 4 teams.. The Red, Blue, White and Green. (each team consists of about 10-12 resients and staff) Each table is set up in theme pertaining to their color.


A list of items should be pre planned and assigned a point value, for example.. I will give 5 points to every person on a team that has a kleenex in their purse.. I will give 1 point to each team who has a person named Mary or Joseph.. Ect Ect.. (Hope this makes sense)


It is nice to have a volunteer or activity staff or other staff volunteer keep track of points for each team..


at the end of the game prizes are awarded to the team with the most points, least points.. Residnet/Staff team highest points and lowest points and single person with the highest and lowest points..


Hope it makes sense.. let me know if you have any questions..



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I like this idea. We don't really have small groups often but this will be a great addition to Mothers Day or our Red Hats. Thanks this is something I can work with. :)

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