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Smoking Policy


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Guest LisaRee

In response to your smoking problem, I have been in activities for over 7 years now and in our facility we have always had a smoking policy. When I do assessment with new residents I find out if they smoke and if thay are A & Ox3 they are told that they may NOT have any type of smoking material or lighter in their room, as this poses a problem for lower functioning residents who may wander into their room.

We have 5 smoking breaks each day, with a designated smoking area away from our employee smoking area, for our residents who do smoke. After breakfast, at 10:00, after lunch, at 2:00 then again after supper. We have had our problems with residents who didn't like the policy, but you have to remember that smoking is a PRIVILAGE, not a right. Most follow the rules. (I think)


Lisa Perdue, AD

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The formation of a smoking policy has been something we have struggled with--at my facility. We have a smoking policy and it allows for several breaks. However, the problem is that our staff that is covering the breaks are not in place when these breaks occur; this causes residents to become angry and they don't compile to the policy. Also some of our residents feel that 8-) it is their right to smoke as they are pleased. It would be nice to have the resident council, smokers and staff sit down together and put the policy together. We are encouraging staff to be in place so that our residents may compile. We spend a lot of time "chasing down" lighters, smokes. Good luck---I do worry that residents could get burned. When I see them smoking outside of break times--I encourage them to follow the policy on smoking and I will sit with them while they are smoking. I also encourage staff to be in place so that residents may enjoy smoking breaks. Karen

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